Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting Started

O.K. So I started planning some lessons, it's way harder than I thought. Preparing a 45 minute lesson on history takes about 2 hours!! I can spend up to 4 hours a night on these things!
I'm spending this summer working as a headcounselor in a day camp for about 200 kids. I wake up at 6 every morning, and I don't get home until 5-6 in the evening. Then between feeding my husband (the bottomless pit), grabbing a bite for myself, planning the next day's day camp schedule, and preparing some lessons for school, I never get into bed before 1 am.
I have mini nervous breakdowns every so often when I worry about school and start hyperventilating. My husband is even losing sleep over this. He gets woken up two or three times a week when I have nightmares about the first day of school. Like I mentioned before, he thinks that any one who wants to teach must be off their rocker.
So this is about halfway through the summer, and I get a call from the principal of the high school of my school.She's not even giving me an interview. She's desperate, and just needs me to day yes. The principal of the elementary school that I'll be working for recommended me as a great choice. The high school needs a public speaking teacher.
At first, I'm quite flattered. High school? Me? A first year teacher? It does quite bowl you over! But I took the offer home, thought about it, and called her back a week later.
I didn't want the job.
I explained to the principal that as wonderful as the job sounded, I was really overwhelmed. I was teaching two classes in the seventh grade, I am teaching an awful lot, and I didn't think I should be taking another job on.
Then she started begging. This is where it got fun for me.I'm getting paid a mint for this! I know I said that's not why I want to teach, but this calss is not something I want to do right now. If you want me, pay up.
So she is. I'm getting about 27 bucks for a 40 minute period. Some of you out there are probably laughing yourself to tears right now, but to me, 27 dollars an hour sounds pretty good, 'specially in this business!
So I consent to taking the job. Guess what grade this is?
12th grade.
12th grade!!!
Now I know I haven't said this before, but I'm not that much older than they are. If you think about it, I skipped a grade, and then completed some of my schooling on my own. That means if I am two years out of school, I am technically only a year older than these girls.
I am TERRIFIED! these girls are my sister's age. She has friends in that class. Friends who have slept at my house and seen my in pajamas. Friends who whould they choose to do so, would have PLENTY to blackmail me with...
Do you ever get the feeling that you've somehow, without meaning to, bitten off more than you can chew?