Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why Won't They Lose My Number???

I've been working on preparing lessons this past week. I got about 10 aims done so far, so that's good. I have another 50 to go.
I think my sister agreed to do the yearbook in my new school, so now I just have to verify it with the principal, and hope it works out.
My old school called today and left a message claiming that I hadn't returned a book. I had never gotten that book to begin with, and I made sure to call the principal and leave her the message that I did not have anything else belonging to her. I also told her that I had never received my last paycheck and that I was expecting someone to deal with it. If they're going to keep calling me, I should at least get paid for it, shouldn't I?
I'm starting to get kinda nervous for my new job, but I know that once I'll get past the first week of school it'll all be good. I just have to get back into the routine of teaching.
I hope that I won't come home this tired every day after teaching though. I can barely keep my eyes open by the end of the day in day camp. I took a break today to deal with the idiots in the American government system about getting my name changed on my social security card. I never had it done after I got married, and it can mess up my taxes and stuff, because I get paid under my married name, but I file under my maiden name. So now I'm all married. Officially. It feels nice. :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Got the Stuff!

I got out of the house by 9 this morning to go to school and pick up my books. I me the administrator, and he was sooo nice, and then I got a load of books.
I spent time today preparing lessons; I prepared three aims this afternoon.
The eighth grade curriculum only has 12 chapters in history while the seventh grade had 18, so I feel a little less intimidated now. It's also easier because I've done this before.
My husband saw me sitting with the history book on my lap, shrugged, and said, "Looks familiar."
So we're back into the school mode. But I'm trying to make sure that my summer doesn't slip away too fast. I'm trying not to focus on school too much, and really enjoy the moment.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I finally got in touch with the administrator of my new school! He was so nice, and took my message for the principal.
The principal called me back later that night. She told me that she hadn't contacted me because she hadn't finished making up the eighth grade curriculum. I laughed to myself at how laid back this place seems to be, but I told her that while that was up to her, I still wanted to prepare history lessons. She told me she'd call the administrator and let me know.
She called me back today, and told me that the administrator would open the building just for me on Sunday. She told me where to go to find all the books I needed.
I felt relieved as I was about to hang up, and then she quickly asked me if I was interested in taking care of the eighth grade yearbook; for more money of course.
That's a real change! More money being offered right off the bat! Wow. I'm so impressed. :)
I told her that I really had to think about it. The memories of my newspaper experiences are holding me back from saying yes.
I actually had the brainstorm of asking my sister to take the job. My sister just produced the most gorgeous yearbook for her grade, and I know she could do an excellent job for an eighth grade yearbook. Besides, she'd get to make money and I'd still do it with her. I just don't want the full responsibility.
My sister isn't sure, but my mother and everyone else thinks it's a great idea. I think if the principal will go for it, I'll manage to convince her.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just an Update

I keep trying to call my new school but they never pick up. When they do answer, I leave a message for the principal but she has never called me back. I'm a little frustrated as I have not yet begun to prepare for school, and I have to books from which to do so. I heard the new school is laid back like this, but it bothers me. I'm the type who needs to get everything done yesterday. I don't know what I'm going to do.
In day camp meanwhile, a girl from my old school told me that my class used to tape my lessons and the lessons of their other teachers as well. She said that the girls all loved me to pieces. That's sure nice to know now. ;) They planned on playing those tapes back to me on purim. She said that they also got her to sing them my day camp song from last summer and they wanted to play that to me as well. Too bad my class was not that organized; it never happened. No surprise to anyone here that it was H.W. and G.S. who were the masterminds behind the tapings.
One of my campers ran into my office one day to ask me if I knew E.S. in class 7a. E.S. is her neighbor. I told my camper to send her regards.
Other than my school frustrations right now, I'm extremely busy with day camp. I get up at 6:45 and I'm out of the house an hour later. I don't get home until seven some nights, so my life is kind of hectic. ...And I was looking forward to summer vacation!
My teacher with heart assignment has been updated, so I'll probably post the updated version on the blog soon. Enjoy it!