Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Status of my Mouth

I doubt you've been losing sleep over this, but my tooth was not a wisdom tooth. It's just a major root canal.
If you ask me, It sounds just as scary.
The dentist gave me a temporary, medicated filling, and he said he hoped that it would save my tooth. I wonder...Instead of s.o.s.would I write m.m.m? Manage My Mouth?
I know, I know, I've had too much novocaine...
Whatever the case may be, I was ripped off 95 bucks. (On a teacher's salary, it looks like an awful lot!)
I have to schedule another, follow up appointment to make sure that the medication is working, and that would be the deciding factor in whether or not I need a root canal.
Life is just peachy sometimes. :)
So I scheduled my appointment for Tuesday, September 6, the day before school starts. But if the novocaine takes as long to go away as it did yesterday, I better reschedule my appointment to about 3 days before school. I still look like a plastic blow-up toy.
And so just as soon as I thought I had my life straightened out, the school called. Orientation was being pushed off to Tuesday. Monday wasn't going to work out for them in the end.
I called the dentist, but they weren't open labor day, and I couldn't schedule anything earlier because I have to wait at least three weeks before doing anything to the tooth with this filling.
So I guess I'm just gonna have to cut it real close. My life is going to be one big party the next couple of weeks. I just can't wait.
I often wonder whether I should add "barber" to my profession list. I seem to be putting myself into a lot of close shave type of situations.
...And a barber definitely gets paid more! LOL!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Feeling Overwhelmed

Yeah, so it's what, three weeks to school?
I'm completely and totally petrified. I've already heard that this grade has a reputation for being notorious to teachers. Especially new teachers. This is not helping my nerves.
I'm trying to get in touch with as many people as I can to help out with stencils and preparing different lessons.
I sat on the computer this week typing up a literary terms sheet. I worked on it for almost two hours. And then I revised it, and revised it again, and I just finished doing it again!
If I would've known how hard my teachers worked on their stencils, I would've never thrown them all out! If I could go back in time, I would grab those sheets off the teacher's desk and treasure them for the rest of my life.....
(There's a reason I don't sign my actual name on these blogs....For those of you out there wondering...I'm not who you think I am...You do not know my true identity...I hope!)
Then, yesterday, someone had the audacity to call me and ask for copies of all my history lessons. I almost fell off my chair.
"You want copies of everything I slaved away on for three months??!!" I asked her incredulously. "What were you doing all summer?!?"
O.K., I'm not such a nasty old grouch.
But I did explain to her that I'd be glad to help her with anything she needed, but I'd rather give her my lessons after I'd already done them. It wouldn't be fair to my students, or to myself if other girls out there were learning the same lessons in the same way as my students. I worked hard all summer to make my lessons interesting and different. The other teacher understood, and although she was a teeny bit disgruntled, we hung up the phone on good terms.
And you wanna flip? Two seconds later, I get a call from this girl that tortured the living daylights out of me when I was in school. What does she want? My notes.
I politely repeated what I had told the other teacher (I worked hard to control the urge I had to just scream in her ear and bang down the phone,) and I hope she didn't get too insulted.
And then the phone rang and rang, teacher after lazy teacher calling for my notes. I don't know how my name got out there, but it seems that every slacking teacher was relying on my notes, the notes of a first year, inexperienced, scared to death teacher.
After a while, I just stopped answering calls from people I didn't know.
The joys of having caller ID.
I got my school schedule in the mail. It's official. I'm gonna teach. Orientation is labor day. I'm shivering.
I also have a terrible toothache. I've never had a cavity filled before, and I have a feeling this one's a wisdom tooth.
Of course there's no way of telling as I haven't been to the dentist in about...6 years (?) and I doubt that the last time I was at the dentist we discussed wisdom teeth.
So now on top of everything else, I have to make an emergency appointment at the dentist to take care of this. There is no way I can walk in on the first day of school with my face all bloated and swollen. If I need dental surgery on my mouth, I better take care of it pronto!
But like my husband says..At least it'll keep me from talking for a while.
Ahhh, the wise, wise words of my husband. This blog will make sure that they all go down in history.