Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Status of my Mouth

I doubt you've been losing sleep over this, but my tooth was not a wisdom tooth. It's just a major root canal.
If you ask me, It sounds just as scary.
The dentist gave me a temporary, medicated filling, and he said he hoped that it would save my tooth. I wonder...Instead of s.o.s.would I write m.m.m? Manage My Mouth?
I know, I know, I've had too much novocaine...
Whatever the case may be, I was ripped off 95 bucks. (On a teacher's salary, it looks like an awful lot!)
I have to schedule another, follow up appointment to make sure that the medication is working, and that would be the deciding factor in whether or not I need a root canal.
Life is just peachy sometimes. :)
So I scheduled my appointment for Tuesday, September 6, the day before school starts. But if the novocaine takes as long to go away as it did yesterday, I better reschedule my appointment to about 3 days before school. I still look like a plastic blow-up toy.
And so just as soon as I thought I had my life straightened out, the school called. Orientation was being pushed off to Tuesday. Monday wasn't going to work out for them in the end.
I called the dentist, but they weren't open labor day, and I couldn't schedule anything earlier because I have to wait at least three weeks before doing anything to the tooth with this filling.
So I guess I'm just gonna have to cut it real close. My life is going to be one big party the next couple of weeks. I just can't wait.
I often wonder whether I should add "barber" to my profession list. I seem to be putting myself into a lot of close shave type of situations.
...And a barber definitely gets paid more! LOL!

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