Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vindication 2

About a week ago I heard a piece of news that made my summer....My old school had offered the job to someone, (a girl I had spoken to about the job) and she took the job. Two days later she quit!! It makes me feel so good!
Today the girl herself called me and we spoke about teaching methods and different curriculum that we might like to cover. She got a job now for 6th grade in a local school that is known to treat teachers much better than my old school. I'm truly happy for her, and I'm even happier that my old school got a kick in the pants.
I had a run in with them this week. I called the secretary to complain that I had never gotten my last paycheck. She told me that she wasn't giving it to me until the rating cards were done. My co didn't either get her check for the same reason.
I am furious. I'm debating now if I should degrade myself and do the work just to get paid. It's so unfair. I wonder if they are legally allowed to do this? But technically, they can't legally get away with paying me $6,000 for the year either.
I spoke to my co and she said she'd go in and take care of it so that we could get our money. I want to make sure she puts her foot down and does it only if she can get the check as soon as she finishes. I'm so angry at them.
Right now it's a week to the new school year, and I'm so nervous.
I made two gorgeous signs for my classroom and I'm excited over some curriculum changes I'm planning on incorporating. I hope the year turns out to be better than last year...but really, I know it will.
Hope you all keep logging on to read my posts, now that a new school year is starting, there should be lots of interesting things happening!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hee hee hee hee hee!
My friend B.Y.S. was looking for a teaching job for this coming year, and as much I kept telling her she wouldn't find one now, she insisted on acting stubborn.
So when I heard that my old school still hadn't found a teacher to replace me, I told her to call. I hated thinking of her taking a job there, but if that's what she wanted, I was going to do anything to help her. After all, if I survived there, I guess anyone could.
B.Y.S. called me to tell me that the principal had called her back and asked to meet her about the job. Right off the bat my friend told her she didn't want the job. She cooked up some excuse, and said no.
I asked her what she was thinking as she seemed to want the job so badly. She told me that after I had had a miserable year she was not about to subject herself to all that. I feel sooooo good.
Just two nights ago, a neighbor of mine called. She had also applied for the job. I couldn't control myself and blurted out what a stinkin place that was to work. I went on and on and on about it.
She told me that money didn't mean anything. I told her that she didn't know what she was talking about. Maybe she didn't need the money right now, but as soon as she would realize how awful the job was, she would realize that not only would she not be getting appreciation; she wouldn't be getting money either.
She told me that the principal had asked her how she took criticism. I told her that was only the beginning, and that criticism was not the word.
I must've gone on for about a quarter of an hour, just bashing the job. After a bit, I felt bad for scaring her, so I told her to do the model lesson, be creative, and let me know from there. I did tell her that there was no other school that was going to prepare her and train her in as well as that one. I reassured her by saying that it was manageable and that I was sure she could do it. I promised that if she got the job, she could call me and I would give her my notes.
I fell bad for her, she's a year younger than me, straight out of school, and really wants a job. Listen, it's her life, not mine. But secretly, I do wish that my old school starts off the year missing some teachers. It would make me feel so good.
My husband says I'm being obnoxious. He's right. He says I should just forget about them and focus instead on my new job and him.
He'll never change.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Paycheck, but Another School Year

Not surprisingly, I haven't gotten my last paycheck from my old school yet. Not only that, but they haven't even had the decency to return my call after I left a message. I am so annoyed. They can call me and pester me for my sheets and stuff, but when it comes to my paycheck, they all disappear.
But my new school sent the nicest letter and a school calendar. I have a load of vacation next year!!! My midwinter vacation is going to be, Friday, Shabbos, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! That's like a whole week!
And I don't have school Sundays and every other Friday, and on some legal holidays too. I'm so happy. Still nervous, but happy.
I got the funniest letter today in the mail. The high school of my old school sent me a school calendar and a welcome letter. I think they think I'm coming back. I spoke to the principal about leaving and she was ok with it all, but I have a feeling she either forgot, or she hopes I forgot, or she didn't get anyone to replace me yet, so my name is still on their list.
Whatever the case is, I'm not going to show up there anytime soon, I think they're going to find themselves stuck! :)
I have been speaking to some of my friends coming home from seminary, who all want to be teachers this coming year.
They don't want to hear it, but they're being entirely too unrealistic. Some of them may find jobs, but the others, who are putting off good opportunities for the hope of getting a teaching job, are really going to be disappointed. I have a friend who refuses to be an assistant, refuses to sub for a year (which is what I did), and only wants an older grade. She also only wants to teach history and science which are two subjects that don't come together in a departmental grade.
Oh well. I learned by making mistakes, and they'll have to make their own too. I just wish they would at least read this blog to see what it is they're getting themselves into.
By the way, I just got my Teacher With Heart assignment back from my instructor. She loved it, but she felt there were parts that were a little vague. I can understand what she meant, but I don't think that any of you readers who've been keeping up with the blog had any trouble understanding the vague parts and filling in the blanks for yourselves. :)
I also met C.O.'s mother who told me that C.O. and S.G.L. are still going strong. Not that I care anymore, but I do know what their next year teacher will be dealing with!