Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Teacher had a Little Lamb

The entire day the song "Mary had a Little Lamb" was in my head.

I brought JB to school today.

The girls had a Purim carnival in school and it was pretty much a free day, so I asked the principal permission to bring JB to school for a visit.

The kids went wild. They all wanted to hold him and TG was thrilled to have gotten to make him a bottle.

The kids were all over me telling me how they wanted me back and how the sub was great, but they missed me.

The kids were funny, telling me how skinny I was now and telling my sister (who came with me) how good she looked in her sheitel.

The principal was wearing a hot pink sheitel in honor of the carnival and the secretary was wearing a long blond one on corn braids. I totally went to the wrong school as a kid. LOL

The kids were all into if I had gotten their emails- TG had sent me an email begging me to come back or at least call and say "hi" cause they missed me.

This is a copy of what she sent-

Dear Mrs. ____,

MAZAL TOV!!! As awkward as it is for you to be getting this e-mail,it is double the amount for me to be sending it.

I sure have a lot to say....well, here goes! Our class, not just me , misses you A TON!!! not that the sub is not amazing [this is coming from me, the kiss up!] but we like you!! We miss your teaching and your life stories and your getting off topic........I can probably go on forever!!! But I wont because this is probably taking up a lot of your time.

I'll cut to the chase. we are all very happy for you and we don't want you to rush away from your baby or anything, we just miss you a lot and we kinda want to hear from you-or at least I do!!

Anyways, I got out what I wanted to say and here is what S.Z. had to say [I'm on the phone with her!] she said that you were right about how having a sub for 1 day is fun but for weeks it is totally, completely and eternally annoying!! - I agree with her and so do the rest of us.

PS:please do not show this to anyone who is involved in our school because i will probably get in trouble- thanx!!!
From T.G. and the rest of the 7th and 8th grades!!!

LOL, I couldn't decide if this was funny or chutzpadik. I decided to let it go, but I didn't respond to it like she wanted me to.

I gave out shalach manos to the girls and they were so excited.

The seventh grade had gotten so big and really cute.

S.E. was as adorable as ever, and M.B. and R.B. were too. S.G. was kind of quiet and I have a feeling the sub isn't giving her all the attention I usually do. N.N. and R.A. were still annoying, and C.S.S. was still a huge pest.

I miss them all so much, but I can still use the next three weeks that I still have off.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Arrival of Jellybean

Vacation ended Feb 1 , and I was debating whether I should go back to school or just wait the baby out at home. I felt guilty not going in to school when I was sitting home just waiting to go into labour, but my husband refused to let me go teach.

So Thursday I had a free day while everyone was back in school. Friday was a Hebrew Friday anyway, so I didn't miss anything.

Monday was my sister's wedding, so I would have missed some school anyway because of the preparation time I needed for the event. I was in the hall all day helping out and getting ready.

At 11:30 that night, during the wedding dancing, my contractions started. My husband and I left the wedding early so that I could lie down and see if the contractions would go away.

They hadn't stopped 12 hours later, so though they were not painful, I went in to the hospital anyway.

I was kept overnight, and Wednesday morning I was given Pitocin to speed up my labour. The day dragged from 8am until (minus all the painful details) Jellybean was born at 7:22 pm February 7th.

He weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 inches long.

By now he's a little fatter and he's getting cuter by the day KA"H. He looks just like his daddy, but has my mouth...(which when he learns to talk, might not be such a good thing!)

The bris will B"H be on time, and though I can't wait to name him, he will always be Jellybean to me. ;)

I feel great, and I would love to go back to teach for a bit, but I can appreciate the resting time I have right now. With all my midnight feedings, I sure could use the break!