Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sub Business

Nothing much happened today, but I spoke to my co and we both see a problem with the achdus in 7th grade. They have had good leaders before, but they were all bad influences, and they were sent away from school. So now the 7th grade is just a bunch of pairs of friends, but not a class of friends.
They are overshadowed by the 8th grade and could use more attention, but we have nothing to do for them if they can't work together.
I heard about it from my sub already. She said that the 7th grade hadn't been a nice experience because they weren't cute doing trouble in ones and twos.
I spoke to the 7th grade about it today. Not in a bad way, but in a mature way, so that they could understand that it was all about them, not about a sub.
I told them that I didn't want to think about any of them in a different way and that I purposely did not ask the sub for names of the girls who misbehaved. I asked them if they could make the commitment to behave and do better the next time around so that the teachers could see that they do deserve some special things.
The girls all understood what I said, and I hope it works. Now I have to make sure that my sub will come back when I need her this week.
I'm leaving to Israel for Sukkos Wednesday night and I'll be missing Thursday. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Parent Orientation

All the teachers were so nervous to have to talk to the parents. We were all squished into the main office, wasting time until the parents came upstairs from the ballroom.
Finally, they were here.
The mix of parents were so funny! There were a lot of fathers and they were all wearing colored shirts and tan pants. The mothers wore bandannas and were dressed pretty modern. Some were dressed pretty normally and some were dressed kind of weird. In other words; big mix.
I was the last teacher to speak to both classes. In the 8th grade, I kind of botched up, but I think I went over ok. I basically went through all the subjects I teach, and told the parents that I was there for their kids, not for American history. They appreciated that, and I ran to 7th grade.
The seventh grade parents were much more responsive and I had a much better time in there. I basically went trough everything I said in 8th, but I made it more fun.
I explained my whole index card thing to them and they all thought it was a great idea. I liked to meet all the parents, It gave me a little idea of where the kids were coming from.
I felt relieved to get it all over with, but I think I'm dreading doing it next year LOL.
The best part of my night was squeezing into a tight parking space without killing anyone or even scratching my car. :)
I'm getting somewhere in life!

Yom Tefila

Every year during the aseres y'mei teshuvah, there is a huge hookup organized between about a zillion different schools, and they all daven mincha together.
Today was the chosen day this year and it meant that I got to waste about two hours of class time.
I feel that this is a beautiful thing but it's a shame to waste it on kids who can't understand what a yom tefila is all about. They see it the way I a way to waste class.
The girls were totally lost during davening and they were talking and waving to their friends from other schools instead. Actually, from what I could see, my girls were the most well behaved of those there.
I think that the yom tefila should be done with high schools instead, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the yom tefila of the tinokos shel bais rabban, doesn't it?
When we got back, I took the 8th grade for about 25 minutes and we voted on senior sweaters and then finished up The Necklace in literature.
Seventh grade was slightly immature today. I heard from my substitute yesterday that S.N.K. and E.M.B. didn't stop talking all day. I'm so shocked. I didn't even know the kids could talk.
We also did some literature there. We got as far as predicting the title "Stolen Day," when the bell rang.
Now I'm home and I'm all dressed up and nervous, waiting to leave to parent orientation. I have no idea what I'm going to say to all those parents there!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Name Game

The 8th graders did amazingly on their tests, and I am very proud. The only girls who scored lower than average were R.Y., T.B.N., and M.S.
R.Y. got in the 80's, which is pretty nice, but I thought she'd get higher, especially because C.F.C. got a 92% and D.F. got a 90%, and these are girls who have learning issues.
M.S. studied hard with her tutor, but she didn't do her essay. I decided to be nice this time and until I talk to her tutor, I marked her without counting the essay. She got an 85%. She would've gotten a 65%.
T.B.N. failed. She answered less than 10 questions and got 3 of them right. I spoke to her and she seemed at a loss. The principal had told me that she had a problem and that her parents refused to acknowledge them. I could see she had problems from the first day of school, but I never dreamed they'd be this bad.
I spoke to her about taking an easy test and she seemed willing to try anything although she didn't believe anything could work. I have a feeling this is another R.R.
Seventh grade was cute today, and all they wanted to know was my name. They knew what it started with and they drove me nuts trying to guess. Finally, they ran to the 8th grade and got it from them. They were in 7th heaven that they knew my name LOL.
I think that in the end I'm just going to screenprint the senior sweaters because this embroidery thing is way too complicated.
We'll see. Right now I'm just happy I have off for yom tov and that I have a break until Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Senior Sweats

The eighth grade would not leave me alone with the planning of their senior sweaters. I had to call up a bunch of companies and try to get it arranged. I hope it works out ok.
We started The Necklace in literature today and the girls got sooooo worked up over the way the main character was such a brat.
I had to laugh about that.
The girls heard from the 7th grade that my test was no biggie; I hope they still study well. They'll need it tomorrow.
Recess time I had to meet with the principal about a new spelling system they're doing in the school, and while it was quite interesting, the other teacher there made sure to tell me that it wouldn't last. LOL
Because of the meeting, I came into 7th grade about a half hour late, and they hadn't had the sense to start mincha on their own.
It wasted more of my class time, but I didn't really care because I had left my literature book at home so I was looking to wasted time and cut out literature for the day.
I had the girls spellbound when I told them the story of Cortez and Pizzaro in history. Both my classes this year get so emotionally involved in every little story they learn.
It's so cute!
I have to hand in a summary of what I'll be telling the parents next week at the parent orientation. I'm all nervous, and I think I'll just type it up into a handout like the other teachers did. Whatever happened to PTA? Isn't that bad enough?
My sister's vort is tonight, so I know that my day tomorrow will be hectic. At least I don't have to prepare for 8th grade because of their test. I hope it goes as smoothly as 7th's did.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yearbook and Tests

The first matter of business today was getting the yearbook started. My sister came in and gave all the girls their jobs, and then we both explained to the class what each job entailed.
I got the girls all excited by telling them that they had something over the future grades. They were going to set the example for all the other grades when it came to yearbook. Also, because they were such a small grade, they would all contribute tons to the project. I explained that in the lower grades that were parallel classes, they would be too big for everyone to really do something.
Then, we put about 20 themes on the board so that the girls could choose. I came up with a theme earlier this morning that they ended up loving. Since they were the first graduating class and the first grade the school opened with, they chose the theme. "Echad Mi Yodea." The principals loved it, and we're excited to work with it.
I crammed in a load of history, and even managed to fit in a hysterical story about getting stopped in the airport in Israel. (Security thought my Jawbreakers were bombs. LOL)
I thought I would for sure come home with a splitting headache after the first test in 7th grade. Instead, I'm coming home thrilled. The girls all finished with at least 20 minutes to spare, and the class average was a 90%! Two or three girls got into he 70's and one in the 80's and then S.S. and C.S.S. failed, but I expected that. I have to call C.S.S.'s parents to arrange for special tests, and S.S's already expect it.
Believe it or not, B.B. got an 87. I needed to help her out a little and organize her paper, but she did it on her own. I'm shocked. I have to try and figure this kid out. Maybe I made the mistake of writing her off too quickly.
Anyway, I have a feeling that the class performed so well because I'm such a great teacher.
Ok, also because I think that they are very chilled out compared to my old school. Here the marks aren't such a pressure, so the girls are relaxed when they take the tests and that makes all the difference in the world.
Even the girls who got 70's were happy when I told them that it was a great mark for the first test of the year.
I feel so calm and relieved.
I spoke to the principal about ordering two or three books for me as read-alouds, and she was like, "Yeah, I'll order them now!"
This school is so cool.

Monday, September 18, 2006


The first thing I saw on my desk this morning was a copy of the dedications in a book that was dedicated to me. I guess my students found my name in the book and thought it would be cute.
Problem was, they discovered that their yearbook teacher was also in there, and so we're slightly busted. The girls didn't say anything to me, but I know they caught on LOL.
I raced through history in 8th today because my test in on Thursday and I still didn't finish the material... Hope I have enough time!
I made them all describe a picture they were told to bring in using spatial ordering, and they all seemed to have a hard time with it.
I know it's pretty hard to do for any age group, but I figured, if they could do this; they could to anything in my class.
They all did a nice job...7th grade as well.
We played a history review game in 7th and they all seemed nervous for the test. I don't blame them. I'm nervous too. I can tell by the way the girls played today, they did not begin to study the way they should be studying. I have a feeling I'm gonna be coming home with a headache tomorrow.
I taught the 7th grade some more of the map of America, and they were so excited with it. They even begged to sing the song without my help. I was so proud!
I spoke to S.S., B.B. and C.S.S. about special notes and they all seemed so relieved to get them.
My sister is supposed to come down to school tomorrow to meet the class, and the girls are so hyped. I'm excited too, but my sister and I are nervous that we have no idea what to do! LOL
I'm sure we'll figure it out somehow..but until we get there...we'll you know what it's like with me till I get there! LOL

Sunday, September 17, 2006


In the first week of school I got three messages to call parents.
I didn't get around to calling them the day I got the messages, so I called D.F.'s mother and F.E.'s mother on Thursday night, and I called C.S.S.'s mother tonight.
I used to think that mothers wanted to protect their daughters, but it seems that this has changed with the generation.
D.F.'s mother just wanted to talk about D.F.'s reading problem and that I should know that it was going to come up and that I would have to call her eventually during the year, so she figured she'd call me first.
She asked for easy notes straight off the bat; without even trying to see how her daughter would do to begin with.
F.E.'s mother was not so different. She went on and on about F.E.'s focus issues and how she thought she was ADD and that she had B.B. down her back to give her notes all the time and that she was afraid that F.E. would start spacing out and falling behind and that I should snap her into attention as soon as I noticed anything.
She wanted me to be more strict with her daughter from the start, hoping it would keep her more focused, but I felt that would just be mean. She also told me to call if she forgot her homework for even one day or something, so that she could be on top of it right away.
C.S.S.'s mother called for the sole reason that C.S.S. wouldn't focus because she had auditory issues, and she needed to be in the front...and away from B.B. who sat in front of her. Her father got on the phone and asked for special notes so that he could preteach her the material so that she'd come to class and not get distracted so much.
Her mother had an Australian accent, and it was cute to hear. LOL
She said that the Hebrew teacher refused to change C.S.S.'s seat, but I think that teacher is just being selfish for not wanting to take care of it right now. I told the mother that in the worst case I could have her switched for English only. She was so grateful.
I know that these parents were only trying to protect their daughters, but I can't help wondering if by telling me all this, they inadvertently made their daughters seem like bigger problems in my eyes. I know that F.E. did seem to have more focus issues on Friday after I spoke to her mother. Psychological, I guess.
I know when I went to school, my mother never called the teacher! In fact, she hoped she wouldn't hear from her all year. And if I had problems, my mother crossed her fingers and prayed for my teacher not to notice them. Here, the girls' problems are getting shoved into my face. LOL
I feel a little overwhelmed that I have so many disabled girls to deal with this year. I hope I can balance it all.
I spent time again this week on a beautiful plansheet. Last week's plans came back with a bunch of compliments on what I was teaching. It's so great to work in a school where you're appreciated!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fridays are Fun

Waking up early and driving to school in the rain wasn't even so bad. I was tired, but I had time to wake up while the class davened.
We did a lot in writing, and then I gave the girls recess. During recess we had a great time. The girls were telling me about the extravagant weddings they'd been to, and they kept peppering me with questions about my life.
For some reason, they thought I had an accent and were convinced that I wasn't American. I played along with their game and refused to tell them where I was born.
They wanted to know what schools I went to, what camps, and how old I was. I told them that if I told them everything into he first week of school the rest of the year wouldn't be as interesting. They all groaned, but I got my way.
I had walked in with a starbucks coffee and the girls didn't even blink an eye. T.G. asked me if I ate cholov stam and I told her "yes." In my old school that was a bad thing. Here the kids were all like, "Ok, so do I."
I started teaching both classes the map of America in a song, and the kids all loved it. Truth is, I liked it too. It was so much fun, and no pressure at all.
When I went to take the seventh grade, the science teacher hadn't finished yet, but I walked in nonchalantly and asked if I could take the class. The girls and my co were all laughing.
In the seventh grade, I was teaching about spatial ordering, so I called up C.K. to the front and asked A.S. to describe her using spatial ordering from top to bottom. Then, I drew some pictures on the board and had some girls describe them too. That really got the point across to them and it was fun and easygoing.
B.B. had serious issues when it came to writing down the capitals of the states we were memorizing. I just don't know how to help her out in class.
N.N. gets on my nerves a bit. She knows a lot, always raising her hand, but she's always kissing up to me. I know I should feel flattered, but I honestly have better things to do after class than listen to her tell me about which episodes of "I Love Lucy" she liked best, and about how she crawled earlier than her baby sister.
But hey, I guess this is what it means to be a teacher with heart.
I came home at about one and I had enough time to make my whole Shabbos, and still do laundry and clean a little.
The only thing I didn't get to was my nails. The nail polish thing is going to my head. I must go get them redone after Shabbos!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Setting the Mood

I spoke to the principal about B.B. today. Turns out the Hebrew teacher beat me to it, and the science teacher was also waiting to talk to her. The principal totally understood me, and she said that B.B. would have to be sent back to a special school or something. Turns out B.B. lives with her grandmother because both her parents are mildly retarded. I feel so bad, and I know that leaving the school will absolutely crush her. The principal said we should all be nice to her and make her understand that leaving is the best thing.
Class itself was a ball. I scheduled history tests in both classes for next week. 8th is having one on the civil war and 7th on early civilizations in America.
During recess I spoke to the 8th grade about their G.O. and yearbook jobs and they were all excited to meet their yearbook teacher. I refused to tell them who she'd be, and I definitely don't want them to know she's my sister...yet.
I'm trying to reach my sister so that she could come to school tomorrow, but newly engaged, and being that it's her birthday, she's impossible to reach. Oh well.
Seventh grade had the greatest time with literature today. We're still filling in the definitions of our literary terms sheets and today we went over moods.
I described to them the mood of a scary scene in a play I once watched, and I had them all shrieking along with the turns of the story.
We ended off laughing in a great mood.
S.E. and S.G. are totally becoming my favorites in that class. E.L. and A.S. and R.B. and M.B. and H.B. and D.A. aren't bad either. 7th grade is shaping up.
In 8th we also had a nice Harry Potter discussion today. Now that I don't have to be careful when talking about him, he's a great example to use in my lessons; the girls all know who he is, and can totally visualize what I'm trying to tell them.
I don't know why I felt so tired today when I got home, but I'm trying to make an early night.
Whip 'em tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Harry Potter isn't a Dirty Word!

In 7th grade today, we were talking about different endings for books, and some girls began discusing Harry Potter. Because they started it, I pushed the discussion.
Later, I was talking about what a global age is, and I asked the girls if they knew what was caused us to have a global age today. All 17 hands went up and they all shouted, "The internet!" I was surprised.
When I spoke about it with the other teachers, they were all like, "Yeah, so what? Harry Potter and the internet is so not an issue here!"
Hee hee. In my old school those were dirty words.
The girls had a field day because I wore a shorter sheitel to school today, and they thought it was so funny. I had a good laugh too. I totally didn't care.
I gave a history quiz in each class, and marking them, I can't believe how dumb they are. I know I taught it well, because many girls got 10/10. But a nice percentage got 2's and 3's. There's a nice division between the smart girls and the dumb ones. LOL.
R.A. got a 10/10 but gave herself the comment of "pretty good." She's a teenager in a too smart for herself seventh grade body.
B.B. is coming here from a special school that claims she is ready to be mainstreamed. This kid cannot keep up with the pace in class, and I'm really starting to get frustrated because she's always like a page behind in notes. On the quiz today she got a 1/10. She marked herself as a 6, but when I rechecked her work, it turned out that she cheated. I mean, I hope she didn't cheat, and she just decided her answers were right, but they were very far off.
I need to talk to the principal about her. I can't bend over backwards for her if she's that far from keeping up with the class. Even S.S. who is intensely learning disabled, doesn't have as hard a time as her. Granted, she also failed the quiz, but in class, she generally can tell me a little of what's going on.
C.S.S. came over to me to request that her seat be changed away from B.B. because B.B. keeps turning around to copy her notes and it distracts her. C.S.S. herself needs help. She leaves twice a week for speech therapy or something.
I have no energy to deal with problem cases this year.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

No school Sunday was the best thing that happened to me all year. I had a crazy day as it was; school on top of it all would have been unmanageable.
In the morning my sister got engaged, so I was busy with that all day. The family was so excited and I had to be there to meet her chosson and his family and all his cousins and everything. Then, I had to run to a friend's wedding two hours away, and I didn't get back till 1:30 am.
I was up and out early this morning to an appointment and I barely made it back to drive the teachers to school on time.
We got to school with 5 minutes to spare, but I hadn't even begun planning my week. I called my husband to let him know that I had parked safely, (he gets kind of nervous if he thinks I'm scratching up his jeep) and I told him that I didn't know what to teach.
He was like, "C'mon, this school is so laid back. Why don't you teach history for a bit and then spend the rest of the time discussing September 11th?" -He's a genius.
8th grade had the most hysterical discussion today about the south and the north and if the south was right for seceding. Somehow we got to talking about sisters borrowing their stuff. It was really enjoyable.
I had to tell C.F.C. that she couldn't ask so many questions on a story that already happened. She was trying to dissect the minds of the Confederate and Union leaders. I finally gave up and admitted I didn't know all the answers and what ifs. I could only teach them what I know happened.
We then finished the entire chapter in history. I'm impressed with myself LOL.
Seventh grade was slightly slower, but I had time to read their index cards, and that was very enlightening. R.A. wanted me to call her my a different name. This is an excerpt of her card, "I have been dropping subtle hints to the class about what I would like to be called for three years now, but no one seems to have caught on. I have a feeling that if you would call me by the name I would like to be called, the class would laugh, so phooey on that idea. I think that it might be better to stick to calling me the way you do now."
I was plotzing. This kid totally thinks she is an adult. She tries volunteering information that just confuses the class, and I'll have to talk to her about it, but I'm not looking forward to doing that right now.
Our September 11 discussion went really well in both classes. The girls were in 2nd and 3rd grade when it happened, so they couldn't really remember all the details so well. I couldn't believe I actually had to teach them what happened that day!
On the way home from school, the first grade teacher was telling me that she had asked the kids if they knew what was significant about today. The girls had no clue. One brave girl finally rasied her hand and asked of Spetember 11 was special because that meant it was almost Chanukah. We all cracked up over that.
I'm dead zonked today, and I can't believe that I have another 4 days this week, (I teach on Friday this week) and I still have to do my plansheets and figure out my week!
But all in all, I'm really happy here.
I met a teacher from my last year's school. It was nice talking to her, but hearing how things are going there, I'm so happy I'm here!
I marked the girls' homeworks, and I'm annoyed to see that 4 kids forgot to put their names on their papers, and three just didn't hand them in at all. I must have a talk with the class.
I was told that N.N. is a good girl, but she's missing her homework for the second time....and it's only the third day of school! What am I gonna do with these kids? LOL

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Second Day

I was a little nervous to walk in today, I wasn't sure if I was ready to carry through all of my rules and be good about checking homework and reviewing, but it all worked out fine,
The seventh grade was a little more lebedik today, and the eighth was just as much fun as they were yesterday.
The girls all described their rooms and their sisters because I was teaching about sensory detail charts; so I got to know quite a lot about my girls. It was more fun for me than for them.
8th again got far in history and 7th just finished their first aim. I explained about my index cards and my journal system, and they all seemed to get it.
I gave written homework for Monday, and I hope I have the patience to check and mark them all....Vacation is totally over. Whaaaa!
My brother's bar mitzvah is tonight, so I won't even be busy with schoolwork till Monday. I have tomorrow and Sunday off this week.
I'm so lucky!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I spoke to my last year's co after school today. She loves her 7th grade, but feels that the 6th grade she's teaching this year is really immature. I didn't get to speak to her much, but we'll talk. I also must ask her who my old school hired in my place LOL.
Also, my co managed to get my paycheck for me from my old school. She's so nice.

First Day!!!!

I was a wreck all morning, but as soon as I got dressed, and looked the part of a teacher I felt better. Practicing my lessons in front of the mirror helped too.
The drive to school was fun, and when we got there it was pretty hectic. There isn't any teacher's room in my school because we are expected to be with our classes all the time. That meant that because it's Wednesday, I had to go to my classroom to eat lunch with the 8th graders. They had pizza for lunch and it smelled so good, but I didn't think it'd look right to eat it in front of them on the first day of school.
When I walked in, I just smiled right away and made a joke about the lack of a teacher's desk in the room. I had to squeeze my looseleaf, my stencils, my seating chart, and my book on this tiny student's desk. I ended up just holding the book and the chart in my hand.
The girls in 8th grade were very much like the 7b class last year. They're upbeat, smart, and really cute. I remembered B.K. from last year. She was always raising her hand. She reminds me of C.S.A. last in 7b.
R.S. is sweet too, and M.S. already asked me if they'll have subs often with me. LOL. Mm.S. seemed a little slow; the principal already told me she has focusing problems. C.F.C. is really cute, but she also needs things explained to her more than once. D.S.W. is a cutie pie I remember from my model lesson, and T.G. kept trying to participate.
I'm a bit worried because the class keeps forgetting to raise their hands and they call out like 7b, but I'll come in more strict tomorrow, and see if I can't settle them down.
I taught them 2 aims in history and they were so proud of themselves for learning so much. They hadn't covered that much in three weeks last year.
We did some writing, and a creativity spark, which they all loved.
I explained my rules, and made them sign a contract for homework.
I told them about my journal and the index cards and they seemed very excited to try them. I gave them recess outside, (it's a rule in the school) and then I switched with my co to 7th grade.
They reminded me of 7a because they were quiet, but they seem much slower than them. They're more like 6th graders than 7th graders. And that's not just because my girls grew up over the year, they really are on a lower level than they should be. I barely got through half an aim in history, because they didn't write notes very well, and they kept asking questions that slowed me down.
R.A. is a brilliant show off of a child who already got on my nerves for trying to show me how intelligent she is. I heard she needs a challenge, and I feel a little bad for her, because the other girls can't stand her brilliance.
D.A. is adorable, but I can tell she is a bit of a trouble maker.
S.S. is majorly learning disabled (LD), I asked her to turn off the air conditioner, and she couldn't figure it out.
B.B. just switched from a special school, she's getting mainstreamed in my class. I can tell she isn't up to par. Her hair was a mess, and she was a little slow in everything she did.
R.B. is quiet, but a real good kid...or at least I think so...
I can't figure out S.E. yet. She had her sleeves rolled up pretty high, and she participated a lot. I think I'll keep an eye on her.
The day flew by so fast, I didn't get very far with 7th in writing or in history. I hope to catch up tomorrow.
The girls in both classes all seemed cute and friendly, and I'm excited to get to know them better.
The teachers are wonderful and so are the principals and secretaries. I spoke to the principal again about yearbook, and she was like, "Oh, for sure she got the job, I didn't tell you that?"
I asked if she actually wanted to meet my sister, and she said, "Yeah, that might be a good idea, when do you think she can come down?" I was laughing because everything was so chilled.
I hope the girls all have their contracts signed by tomorrow, because I would hate to start disciplining tomorrow...
The car was like the teacher's room, with all the teachers chatting away about their day. I need to get some food for the drive, because on the way home we're all starving.
We all unanimously agreed that we wouldn't wear suits anymore. The first day of school is over and out come the sweater sets!
By the way, a big thank you to N.Y.F. who changed the name of my blog. I'm always talking about how I do this because I'm a teacher with heart, so it's a fitting title. Also, for those of you who know where I'm teaching, the name is kind of cute, isn't it?
Waiting for your comments....and please people, let's try to get the site counter up this year!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teacher's Orientation..The Way it's Supposed to Be!

I managed to drive there without too much screaming from the back seat. Parking was harder than driving, and my husband called at that second, worrying if I got there alright. He became very protective of me lately. He's so happy that I found a good school and that I'll be much happier this year.
I feel so good knowing that he cares LOL.
The meeting started on time, and it was so great. The principal and the administrator both spoke for about 5 minutes each, and then the Hebrew and English teachers split up to go to separate meetings.
Our meeting took about another 10 minutes, and it was so light and easygoing. We were each given folders, and flipping through it, I was so happy to see that everything in there was important for me to have. It wasn't just a thousand papers of junk.
There was the schedule of all the English Fridays, a schedule of the day, some rules, the school's insurance policy, and the progress reports from last year.
The principal met with each of us to go over some of the students and their problems. Turns out, I have a lot of LD kids this year. I hope it'll be ok.
I asked the principal what to do about the reading program, because I had no idea how to do it. She told me to just do my own thing until she had time to sit with me and explain it all. I was so relieved. She was so cool with history also.
It seems that last year the seventh grade had only completed up until chapter 8. I was ready to go in tomorrow and begin teaching from chapter 16-17. She said it was so fine and that I should just start where I wanted.
She didn't seem to care about curriculum as long as I kept the girls busy and happy.
I wore my longest sheitel and nail polish just to see if anyone would say anything, and no one did!
I had to spend some time setting up my classroom, and that was annoying, but I got to meet my co, and she's a sweetheart! I'm so excited! The teachers in general are so nice.
I got home from school about 1:30. At my old school, orientation didn't end till about 5 last year! When I called my husband to tell him how nice it went, he laughed, because he was so happy for me.
I'm a little nervous for tomorrow, but I think I'm prepared enough, and I'm sort of excited to get back behind the desk.
Have me in mind tomorrow while I try getting the year off to a good start...

I Can't Drive

In about 20 minutes I'm supposed to be leaving to my teacher's orientation, and I'm supposed to be driving there with three other teachers in my car. I just figured out though that my driving stinks. I have a feeling it's a bit too late to learn to park.
I was up till who knows when last night sorting out all the junk I had accumulated over the past year in school.
My old principal's sheets and stencils and whatever other garbage she gave me went straight to the garbage. I had a folder that was 1000 pages thick that my old school had give en out last year during orientation. I had never even opened it. I went through it last night to see if maybe there was anything in there worth reading, and I took out ten pages or so and dumped the rest. It felt goooooood.
I worked hard typing up a writing introduction for the year. It turned out to be 10 pages long. I plan on using it in both 7th and 8th grade this term. After that assignment I'll have to figure out where to go from there.
My principal still hasn't gone over the curriculum with me, and I'm a little bit of a nervous wreck. History is prepared up until June, I just have three more lessons to go. That leaves me free nights for marking papers, making suppers, and working on a holocaust project I plan on doing with the girls when I get up to there.
I heard that the tzniyus rules in my new schools are that if you're married, you have to cover your hair. That's basically it.
I can wear long wigs with natural parts, I can wear black tights, and maybe even socks under a long skirt. Nail polish is so not a big deal, and I still have to find out about hoods. I have this adorable orange hoodie I'd love to wear. I have a feeling that the teachers here don't wear suits as much as the teachers in my old school did. I think this place is a lot more laid back. Yay!
Right now I should get my stuff together for the orientation, so I'll write more later.