Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Parent Orientation

All the teachers were so nervous to have to talk to the parents. We were all squished into the main office, wasting time until the parents came upstairs from the ballroom.
Finally, they were here.
The mix of parents were so funny! There were a lot of fathers and they were all wearing colored shirts and tan pants. The mothers wore bandannas and were dressed pretty modern. Some were dressed pretty normally and some were dressed kind of weird. In other words; big mix.
I was the last teacher to speak to both classes. In the 8th grade, I kind of botched up, but I think I went over ok. I basically went through all the subjects I teach, and told the parents that I was there for their kids, not for American history. They appreciated that, and I ran to 7th grade.
The seventh grade parents were much more responsive and I had a much better time in there. I basically went trough everything I said in 8th, but I made it more fun.
I explained my whole index card thing to them and they all thought it was a great idea. I liked to meet all the parents, It gave me a little idea of where the kids were coming from.
I felt relieved to get it all over with, but I think I'm dreading doing it next year LOL.
The best part of my night was squeezing into a tight parking space without killing anyone or even scratching my car. :)
I'm getting somewhere in life!

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