Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Senior Sweats

The eighth grade would not leave me alone with the planning of their senior sweaters. I had to call up a bunch of companies and try to get it arranged. I hope it works out ok.
We started The Necklace in literature today and the girls got sooooo worked up over the way the main character was such a brat.
I had to laugh about that.
The girls heard from the 7th grade that my test was no biggie; I hope they still study well. They'll need it tomorrow.
Recess time I had to meet with the principal about a new spelling system they're doing in the school, and while it was quite interesting, the other teacher there made sure to tell me that it wouldn't last. LOL
Because of the meeting, I came into 7th grade about a half hour late, and they hadn't had the sense to start mincha on their own.
It wasted more of my class time, but I didn't really care because I had left my literature book at home so I was looking to wasted time and cut out literature for the day.
I had the girls spellbound when I told them the story of Cortez and Pizzaro in history. Both my classes this year get so emotionally involved in every little story they learn.
It's so cute!
I have to hand in a summary of what I'll be telling the parents next week at the parent orientation. I'm all nervous, and I think I'll just type it up into a handout like the other teachers did. Whatever happened to PTA? Isn't that bad enough?
My sister's vort is tonight, so I know that my day tomorrow will be hectic. At least I don't have to prepare for 8th grade because of their test. I hope it goes as smoothly as 7th's did.

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