Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vindication 2

About a week ago I heard a piece of news that made my summer....My old school had offered the job to someone, (a girl I had spoken to about the job) and she took the job. Two days later she quit!! It makes me feel so good!
Today the girl herself called me and we spoke about teaching methods and different curriculum that we might like to cover. She got a job now for 6th grade in a local school that is known to treat teachers much better than my old school. I'm truly happy for her, and I'm even happier that my old school got a kick in the pants.
I had a run in with them this week. I called the secretary to complain that I had never gotten my last paycheck. She told me that she wasn't giving it to me until the rating cards were done. My co didn't either get her check for the same reason.
I am furious. I'm debating now if I should degrade myself and do the work just to get paid. It's so unfair. I wonder if they are legally allowed to do this? But technically, they can't legally get away with paying me $6,000 for the year either.
I spoke to my co and she said she'd go in and take care of it so that we could get our money. I want to make sure she puts her foot down and does it only if she can get the check as soon as she finishes. I'm so angry at them.
Right now it's a week to the new school year, and I'm so nervous.
I made two gorgeous signs for my classroom and I'm excited over some curriculum changes I'm planning on incorporating. I hope the year turns out to be better than last year...but really, I know it will.
Hope you all keep logging on to read my posts, now that a new school year is starting, there should be lots of interesting things happening!

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