Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just an Update

I keep trying to call my new school but they never pick up. When they do answer, I leave a message for the principal but she has never called me back. I'm a little frustrated as I have not yet begun to prepare for school, and I have to books from which to do so. I heard the new school is laid back like this, but it bothers me. I'm the type who needs to get everything done yesterday. I don't know what I'm going to do.
In day camp meanwhile, a girl from my old school told me that my class used to tape my lessons and the lessons of their other teachers as well. She said that the girls all loved me to pieces. That's sure nice to know now. ;) They planned on playing those tapes back to me on purim. She said that they also got her to sing them my day camp song from last summer and they wanted to play that to me as well. Too bad my class was not that organized; it never happened. No surprise to anyone here that it was H.W. and G.S. who were the masterminds behind the tapings.
One of my campers ran into my office one day to ask me if I knew E.S. in class 7a. E.S. is her neighbor. I told my camper to send her regards.
Other than my school frustrations right now, I'm extremely busy with day camp. I get up at 6:45 and I'm out of the house an hour later. I don't get home until seven some nights, so my life is kind of hectic. ...And I was looking forward to summer vacation!
My teacher with heart assignment has been updated, so I'll probably post the updated version on the blog soon. Enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

Just keep calling till they get the point.It will show the school that you take your job very seriously. I hope you get a vocation before school starts