Thursday, September 15, 2005

Week's Almost Over!

I was sooooo nervous this morning. I dreaded today all week. I have public speaking today.
Last public speaking lesson didn't leave me feeling too good, and I really wasn't excited about doing it again.
So for today, I overprepared. I prepared a ton of things to teach so that if the girls just sat there like last time, I'd at least have what to say for 45 minutes.
My seventh grade was ok today. I surprised one class with a quiz, and when I marked them tonight I was horrified. There were 8 questions on the entire quiz, and the average of the class was a 3/8. There was one 8/8 and one 7/8. I'm beyond disappointed.
Other than the quiz thing, we had a great day. We analyzed the story "Charles," and did some easy history. The day was over pretty soon.
And then it was off to 12th.
It went sooo great his time, I'm thrilled! The girls participated, and because I had prepared so much, I was much more confident. I even went two minutes past the bell! I hope next week will be just as good!
No big incidents in school today, everybody left me alone...No comment about the things I did or wore...Maybe it's just the calm before the storm, but whatever it is, I'm as happy as can be....Well maybe that's because I'm not teaching again 'till Sunday!
Anyway, have a great weekend!

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