Thursday, December 08, 2005

Test Again!

It seems that all I do is give and mark tests.
And what a test this was.
It wasn't different than any of my other history tests, but this time I had everyone crying. Really I think they were just overwhelmed. They had tests every single day this week, and today they had history as well a science quiz.
C.C.K. was crying, T.K. handed in an empty test after 5 minutes, and L.K. almost did the same thing.
I was so busy running around answering questions, I thought I would lose my head. Between C.K, T.K, R.H, and L.K, I barely had the time to help everyone.
As girls gave in their tests I begged them to look them over and see if they had any questions.
I finished marking them, and I feel terrible. C.C.K. got an 85% while R.H. got a 97%. C.C.K. doesn't deserve that mark and R.H. only got this mark because I helped her. I'm so caught in the middle of this game. I'm literally going nuts now just thinking about their reactions when they see their marks. M.L. in 7b drove me insane. She crushes me to pieces, and unfortunately, she's not one of those cute kids who can crush you and you're actually able to love them back.
This girl waits for my sister to leaver her house every morning so that she can stare at her because this is the closest she can get to me. She gives me updates on my sister every day. She needs me to look at her and smile, but sometimes it ain't easy. Especially when I found out that my sister was going to take out a restraining order on her.
Today she kept interrupting me while I was helping other girls to ask me dumb questions that have nothing to do with history. She's extremely needy, and she feels special that she gets to see my sister every day, and that I give her easy tests. I think that because of the "special" attention, she thinks I love her and that I would do anything for her, even at the expense of other students.
I have to have a talk with her.
The second class was much cooler about the test. They even finished with time to spare. There were much fewer questions, and I think the marks show it. Of course D.T. got a 106% and M.L. got a 99%, but there were other girls who got in the 70's. I was happy to see that S.J. got a 97%. She works so hard, I really like it when she does well.
M.R. got a 70 something and I feel horrible. I wish I could go home every night with these girls and help them study so that they'd know the material.
I wonder if this is what my teachers felt like when I flunked a test. What could I do?! I wish I could give every single girl a mark in the 90's. I want them all to do well and be happy.
S.G.L. got her special test again, and I was disgusted. She did moderately well, she got an 80%, but she has this sick habit of writing self deprecating letters on all her tests. She's out to prove to her teachers that she's dumb. She is so focused on telling me how stupid she is, she didn't even leave time to write the answers on her test!
She's also horribly afraid that other girls will find out that she's taking an easy test. So as soon as girls finish their tests and begin looking around, she stops working because she's afraid they might discover her deepest and darkest secret.
I almost hate her for it. My job is hard enough without having to create special lessons and tests for girls like her. And with all that work my job is more than hard enough without having to become her psychologist.
We've requested that she be evaluated, but her father refused. This kid has a MASSIVE self esteem problem and it will NOT get better. The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat. I hope her father realizes that, and I sure hope he notices that soon, because if her doesn't, I might have issues of my own to deal with!
12th grade was cute today. Only 3 girls gave speeches, my cousin included, so I was left with some free time.
I called a girl up to the front and had her tell a story without using the words, "um" "like" "you know" and "whatever." Every time she said those words the class had to bang on their desks. It was cute.
It turned against me in the end because the girls did it on me too, but it was fun.
End of another week!