Thursday, February 16, 2006

Have it Her Way

The principal came over to me in school today to "discuss" what had happened yesterday.
The word discuss is in quotes because the principal seems to have her own definition of what a discussion is.
I had always lived with the misconception of the word discussion meaning "an exchange of views on some topic." I learned today that this definition has a slight mistake; the words "an exchange of views." It should instead be changed to "Listening to someone's view..."
Because that's what I did.
I listened to her view of the world. I wasn't allowed to open my mouth.
She claimed I was an "individual soul" but that also caused me to defy authority. No, not authority... Her Authority. That's like going against G-d's word.
I tired reasoning, but I've discovered more than once that it's useless.
After wasting 15 minutes of my class time, (yes, she had called me out of class for this) I finally got her attention elsewhere, and she became quite civil.
I learned this method as a young child in the park when I was being chased by dogs. As soon as I was able to throw a stick in another direction, I ceased to be the center of the dog's attention.
I had no idea it worked so well on humans.
But then again, she isn't really quite human, is she?
But anyway, the day somehow ended.
I had the girls read a lot of picture books today in class. They were not very mature, but they seemed to have fun.
I also took a survey of the students.
They each took out a piece of paper and wrote down if they felt this writing was a pressure, and why.
Then I asked them to give me any suggestions to help make this writing easier.
I read the papers on the phone with my co. Every single girl said that yes, the project was a pressure, and it was because they had so little time, and too much work.
they all suggested having a lot of time to complete it.
B.E.D. was one girl who wrote that it was not a pressure. I find that very ironic. She never hands in her work! I guess she doesn't plan on doing anything anyway, so she doesn't find it hard. LOL
My husband actually suggested that I do this survey so that I could hear what the students had to say about all of this.
It really is a great idea. The principal can tell me whatever she pleases, The girls just told me that it's the projects they hate, not the way I present them.
I doesn't help much, but it does make me feel a bit better. Or at least a bit more aware of what's happening in my classroom.
So the principal is getting her way, again, and I'm not happy. But I will make sure I get my revenge someday....MUHAHAHAH!!!

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