Monday, March 06, 2006

Not a Real Opponent

My co came over early this morning so that we could do our report cards together. We got them done, but we came really late to school.
My entire day was a rushed mess from there on.
History took longer than I had anticipated. I had no idea that bonds would be so hard for my students to learn about. They just didn't understand the idea of an I.O.U.
So I was only able to teach half my lesson today.
Writing was another disaster because their drafts are due next Sunday, and some girls decided today to scratch their projects and begin new ones.
Usually I would just let them do whatever they wanted, but here these girls wanted to catch up to the class by doing part of it at home. The principal yelled at me 100 times to make sure the girls didn't take this home. It seems she got a lot of flack from parents about schoolwork being done at home.
The problem is, she just blames it all on me.
I also was busy with newspaper the entire day. I am so pressured to get this thing to print. The girls started today, and the writings have to be in by tomorrow. I'm only directing the thing, and I'm ready to explode.
I spent hours making up my history test yesterday, and it still isn't in the copy room. If that thing doesn't get approved....
I heard from my co that B.E.D. made a reference to her brother's trachea out loud in front of the entire class today. This girl is really getting somewhere! We're excited!
R.R. is driving me up the wall. She had this great idea for her picture book, and now she dumped it and wants me to think of a new idea for her to write about. She wanted to write something along the lines of the American girls collection, but she wanted to write about an Israeli girl living in the time of the Yom Kippur War.
I thought it was an excellent idea. She however, backed out because she didn't know how to write it, and she didn't want to hand in anything that was less than perfect. I hate when she does this. She is way too wishy-washy for my nerves.
There is only so much complimenting and encouragement I can give. She is pushing the limit.
My co had a miserable day because C.O. went and wrote this whole melodramatic letter to the principal about her. She claimed that y co made her life miserable, and that she needed the principal's help in getting the teacher to treat her better. This fed the principal's ego big time, and she spent a lot of time telling my co off of it.
What a life.
I told my co that I didn't even have to energy to plan revenge. I wouldn't be satisfied with it anyway. Because in a way, I feel sorry for the principal.
She's lacking people skills, and she's so thick, she's not a worthy adversary.
I realized that today.
If she were really bright, fighting with her would be fun, because I enjoy a challenge, even when I don't win. She's not like that. She's thick headed and one sided. She's not interested in me and anything I do will just bounce off her. She's not an opponent worthy of my time and energy.
I'm such a hypocrite. LOL. You wish I'm going to get off this blog and not think about her. But it's nice to say anyway.

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