Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Red Shoes and Yankee Doodle

The eighth graders have this running joke with me about colorful shoes. I had once commented while they were dressing up to do a skit about a girl's really colorful shoes. I asked her if I could have them for Purim.
The next day the girl handed me a shopping bag with them in it. I told them that those wouldn't really match my Purim costume. I really needed red ones.
Today they brought me red clogs.
They are so funny.
Immature, but funny.
The principal had a meeting today about her precious picture books, but I pretended I didn't notice it and walked out of the teacher's room to go into class. I can't afford to waste any more class time.
She was furious.
7a tried to do some Purim shtick today, but I didn't go for it. They were specifically told that they weren't allowed to do anything until the last day of school before Purim. I really was not expectiong it of them, and I told them that.
They were pretty ashamed.
In class today I taught the girls my song about the Bill of Rights. It was to the tune of Yankee Doodle, and we all felt like we were back in preschool. Lots of fun.
We went on to our picture books later. The girls are really miserable. They all had questions and problems about it, and I was at a loss. I'm confused myself!
C.O. was upset because she hadn't yet started writing. She didn't even have an idea. We spent a while after school thinking of ideas. I think we found one that's perfect for her.
S.G.L. gave me a note telling me that she also didn't have an idea for a picture book. She had a title, but nothing to write. I'll have to go over that with her.
I stayed in school talking to me co until 5. We were both venting about the principal. We are at the end of our ropes.

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