Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fighting and Suspension

Two of my issues from yesterday carried over to today.
R.S. was still absent and S.G.L. and M.R. took their fighting to the next level.
I spoke to the principal today after a meeting we had about the picture books about R.S. R.S. had been absent for three days now, and the teachers are concerned, if not more than a little curious. I asked the principal if I could call her, and the principal told me what was going on. She had suspended R.S. for the week.
I think it's the smartest thing she's done all year. One thing I did not agree with, she mentioned my history review and that it was a big pressure for the girls. Before Pesach she had been all for it, all of a sudden when a kid explodes, she found me to blame it all on. Peachy.
Talking of eruptions, C.S.A. has been having a tad too many lately. She's an anxious kid in general, but recently she's been blowing up over minor things. If she's doing it for attention she's got to be stopped, and if this is for real, she's got to be helped. Either way, this has got to end.
I spoke to S.G.L. (who by the way, only decided to grace us with her presence during English, and not Hebrew) and spoke with her about her post it notes.
She told me that it was M.R. her self that had told her that she had spread her secrets. I assured S.G.L. that M.R. probably said it just to make her angry. I told S.G.L. that this was all a part of life. Friendships break up every so often, and sometimes secrets get spilled along with them. I told her that she was lucky she had a friend now, and that she should stop focusing on M.R.
I spoke with the principal about which camp S.G.L. wanted to go to, and she said she'd make a call. We're both more worried for M.R. than for S.G.L. at this point.
It seems that M.R.'s mother is involved in this mess, and M.R. is suffering terribly from the entire thing. We agreed that if M.R. should bring up the topic of the fight to my co or I again, we would tell the principal and make arrangements to call her mother.
I gave a double session of computers today. The first 20 minutes were for a math review, and the rest of the time they did their picture book.
That meant that half my girls were roaming the halls. C.O. and S.G.L. were harassing M.R. and spending quality time together in the bathroom.
I'm not going to get into the stupidities of their seventh grade fight, but the two were yelling at each other by the end of the day, and M.R. left in tears. My co and I are not impressed by all the attention seeking going on in our classrooms.
Anyway, my paycheck got lost, but then it was found in the high school office.
And I got a call back from a school I applied to before Pesach. I have a meeting there Thursday morning. Wish me luck!

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