Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Surprise Visitor

My sister came to visit school today. I was supposed to have computers for an hour and a half straight and that would've been a perfect time for her to drop in.
Knowing this school and my luck, nothing ever turns out perfect. Computers was pushed off at the last minute. It seems that every teacher is anxious to finish their picture books before Pesach, and computers was over booked. I try to be good, so I let my slot be pushed to after recess.
My sister had already left the house, and she was actually in the school building by the time the schedule was fixed. She ended up sitting in my class (7b) while I tried to teach a bit of literature.
Of course, they were all jumpy and annoyed at the schedule mess-up and my sister was shocked at their behavior. I was just embarrassed.
Of all days, the principal chose this one to walk into my class uninvited. She noticed my sister sitting in the back, and saw it fit to challenge me in front of my own students.
"Who is this?" She asked.
I played it cool. "Oh she's my sister. She got bored with peeling potatoes, so she came to visit. We were supposed to have computers so it wouldn't have been a problem, but the system was messed up so it turned out wrong." I tried to make it seem like it was the school's fault everything was wrong in my life.
I mean, that's what she does to me. She blames me for all her problems...
She didn't say anything else, but I had the feeling that this wasn't the end of it all. I hopes I could get just as far as Pesach and then hopefully she'd forget over vacation.
The other class was jealous that my sister didn't sit in their class, but she did pop in while they were at computers. Then, being the good girl that she is, my sister had to go back home to peel apples. You can tell we're very different. LOL
This day was a huge mess, and I'm counting down the hours until school is out.
I realize that I'll be leaving for Pesach with a bunch of unfinished projects. The picture book is nowhere near done, and neither is literature. I'm kinda stressed, but I'm working on not letting the pressure get to me.
One more afternoon and then....LIBERA!!

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