Monday, June 12, 2006

What a B(r)other

My little brother cried all he way to school. I think he thought I was sending him off and dumping him in a class and leaving him there all day by himself. He didn't get that I actually worked there. He calmed down when I let him punch in for me. He got so scared when the machine swallowed my card.
I took him up with me, and let him press the elevator button. He was happier after that. As I went around to the teacher's room, I was met by the entire 7b class. They were all shrieking away about a queen bee in their classroom and could I please come and kill it.
I had no problem and took my brother up with me to find the bee.
It was huge. As I smashed it with the stick from the window-shade, the entire group ran out screaming. I thought my brother was going to cry or wet his pants, but he was laughing. He thought the girls were funny.
He asked me why I called them my "kids". He said they were too big to be kids. He's so cute.
He sat in my chair coloring during class and the girls loved the distraction.
I had to go out with him for a minute to get him paper, and that was the minute the principal chose to walk in to my classroom. I think she was hiding and waiting for me to leave so that she could set me up.
One the class finished davening, I crashed coursed through their notes to tell them everything they had to know for the test.
Then we played a review game, thanks to the wonderful idea of B.F. The class was divided into two teams, and we had one girl from each team come up at a time.
The two girls stood at the board and I read a question. Whoever wrote down the answer to the question first, and got it right, scored a point for her team. The team with the most points at the end got a plus one on their test.
During the game, our dead queen bee began to move, and the class all jumped out of their seats and ran shrieking out of the classroom.
A very brave T.K. slammed it with her book, and we restored order.
After recess, the 7a class had prepared a table full of food for my brother. I was surprised that he didn't want anything. He just sat quietly the entire time.
In the middle if class he told me he needed the bathroom, and I ran out to take him. I was out for about 2 minutes total, but the principal passed me while I was standing outside of the bathroom. She wanted to know where my class was. I told her they were studying for a review.
If I wouldn't be halfway out the door I can only imagine what she'd be telling me. Thankfully, she left me alone.
My brother talked more in 7a, he said a bunch of cute things and embarrassed me. We played the review game there too, and they were so cooperative, each girl got about 3 chances to come up to the board.
D.T. had to leave early, and all she wanted was to take a picture of me and my brother. I let her. At this point I don't care anymore.
We're in the single digits. Starting with tomorrow, we have 8 days left to school.
T.K. in 7a took the test today instead of tomorrow. While marking her I noticed a lot of mistakes I made on the test. She did a lot of work she didn't have to. I felt bad, but she got a 95% anyway, so no big.
She took it in less than an hour. I'll be giving at least 2 for the rest of the grade. I hope I won't be stuck with a ton of extra time on my hands.
We'll see tomorrow I guess.
I photocopied my notes for S.G.L. I didn't make an easy test this time, and she'll be taking the regular one. I hope she does well.
Anyway, I'm going to go out tonight and have a good time. Who says I have to stay in and blog while my students are home studying?

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