Sunday, November 19, 2006

Regards From Last Year

I was coming home from the grocery at about 11pm Thursday night with my husband. We were both carrying about a zillion bags and I was waddling into the building all wet from the rain when who should I see in the lobby but S.G.L. from my last year's class?
She was looking for a family who lived in the building so that she could deliver some stuff for them and I showed her where to go.
We stood in the elevator together and I asked her how school was going.
She said that she liked school so much more this year because 8th grade was just going easier for her. I'm happy for her.
She looks so mature now and she also looks so happy.
I also met T.J. and S.J. on Shabbos and though they're still short and petite, they are also looking more mature.
Maybe there's hope for my last years' students!

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