Friday, November 17, 2006

Another English Friday

I think I like English Fridays.
They're so casual and fun. I don't expect to really teach much, I just go for the social life of it. :)
My sister did yearbook in 8th, she gave out deadlines for all the groups so that they should being pacing themselves and start getting a move on.
I helped out by driving the office staff crazy to make copies for me. I sat with the features kids and helped them expand on their ideas for a stunning layout for their baby pictures page.
They planned on doing the game Guess Who by Milton Bradley for their spread, so I photocopied the box for them and helped them paste their pictures in instead of the actual game pictures.
It's hard to explain, but it came out adorable. Now I just have to call Milton Bradley to get their permission to use their game.
The seventh grade was a load of fun because we did some current events and I told them about the gulf war and how I remembered it as a kindergarten tot.
I told them that I really believed that Saddam Hussein was hiding under the floor in my room. I had been told that he was underground and I really believed it!
Of course, C.S.S. piped up and said, "One second! I thought when they said he was underground they really meant it! I mean he was found in a hole, wasn't he?"
The class was on the floor. If nothing else, at least she adds comic relief to the 7th grade.
I got their literature groups started and I met with the two top groups to discuss how to go about reading and filling in their papers for our next meeting.
I explained to the class as a whole that the reading groups had nothing to do with how smart they were, it was about how their brain processed the info that they read.
I told them that they were so
I still had to meet with the other two groups, but we were out of time, so I just spent the last 10 minutes of the day reading out read aloud.
I wore sneakers and a slinky skirt today and no one said a word. What a great place. Now the only thing that could make it better is an elevator.
I'm getting kind of tired schlepping my big self up four flights every day...

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