Thursday, November 16, 2006

Great News!

First I'll tell you about my day; that'll keep you reading to the great news part...
I had a crazy morning, trying to get to school on time from Manhattan. I made it just in time to walk into class.
I come into the 8th grade just to find that there is a huge gaping hole in the ceiling and the desks are all crowded to the front of the room around where I usually stand.
I asked them what was going on and they told me that the roof was leaking and the ceiling had collapsed under all the weight of the water.
So now I teach in a classroom with a shattered window and a holy ceiling.
Somewhere in the middle of my lesson we heard a scratching from right above us.
The girls all looked up and I nonchalantly said, "don't worry girls, it's probably just a mouse of something."
That was the worst possible thing to say because in about 30 seconds I had the entire class running under my desk and shrieking.
I finally convinced them to move their desks to the the side of the room and continue learning.
So now we had all the desks squished into the front right corner of the room.
I finally began teaching my lesson and I had to move quickly because I still had half a chapter to teach before their test on Wednesday.
I started teaching about inventions in the late 1800's and C.F.C. needed to know why she had to learn all this.
I tried explaining to her that our lives would be so different without the lightbulb and the telephone etc...and when she heard that we were learning about the telephone, she was quiet. It seems that was an important enough invention to learn about.
In the seventh grade, we continued learning about the taxes in the colonies and during review, R.A. began giving me a whole rundown on stuff I had never taught.
I stopped her in the middle of a sentence and said, "Thank you R.A., that's all I wanted to hear. Please save some questions for the other girls."
The class snickered and I felt mean, but she so deserved it.
I began telling the girls about their literature groups and they were so excited. I'm starting to get excited too. Maybe they can be fun.
After school I met up with my old co in the street.
She looks amazing! She is so married and looks like the sweetest young wife. :) I hope her husband is enjoying her company as much as I did last year!
We began talking about how things are going etc, and she told me the best piece of news I had heard all year...
The girl who took over my job is QUITTING!!
Hee hee hee.
That's my good news.
I'm a little stinker. :)
By the way, if any of my readers know of a good substitute who is willing to sub for a few weeks in February, tell her to give me a call. I'm getting sort of desperate.

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