Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taking Stock in What I Do

Eighth grade today learned all about stocks. I wasted an entire history lesson teaching them the basics of stocks and investing. It was part of the aim in history, but I spent a long time on it till they got it.
I mentioned to them that this was what my husband did for a living and they asked if he could come down to school and teach them about it.
That took up the whole period for them and even B.K. had to be quiet long enough to listen to this lesson because she herself didn't understand much of it.
When I was done teaching this, M.S. (not the one who cries during tests; the other M.S.) asked if this was what the stock market was all about.
I told her that if she understood today's lesson, she knew all about the stock market. The kids were thrilled.
Seventh grade learned about the taxes the British put on the colonies.
I learned from last year that these lessons tend to get very animated and full of discussion, and it was like that here too.
D.A. and S.E. and R.B. and C.S.S. were very busy taking sides.
Talking about C.S.S., she handed in her persuasive essay a day late and it was terrible. She had written it in class and I told her to take it home and make it better. All she had done was taken it home and added illustrations.
I was peeved. I gave it a C and plan to hand it to the principal at the top of the pile of the rest of the class' essays.
She and S.N.K. were sitting on my nerves all day. I finally yelled at S.N.K. and warned her that I would put her in 6th grade for a day if she would not behave.
I am so tempted to write on her report card; "S.N.K. was a fine, mature, intelligent student until she met C.S.S." :)
I quickly taught them more about subjects and predicates and then at the end of the day, I continued with my read aloud.
I am reading a book that I loved as a kid, called "Yesterday's Child" by Ruth Benjamin. The girls never read it and they are so enthralled by the plot so far. I'm so excited.
The principal dumped a load of books on me to read for my literature groups that I plan on starting tomorrow.
I don't know how I'm gonna read 4 books in one night, but hey, I'll manage.
I wrote report cards comments for the 7th grade earlier. I crack myself up sometimes.
R.A. got the comment; "R.A. is a gifted child who adds much to our class when using her abilities in the right way."
C.S.S.'s comment was something like, "C.S.S. is a talented student who is capable of making a consistent effort to follow school rules and apply herself in class. We are sure that with a little effort she is sure to achieve."
E.M.B.'s comment asked her to participate more and C.K.'s was similar to C.S.S.
I want to change T.G.'s in 8th's comment to something about curbing her tongue, and B.K.'s to waiting a few more years before she tries to be the teacher.
T.B.N. also needs a more specific comment about her abilities, (or lack of them) in the classroom.
N.N.'s comment mentioned her unique personality because I couldn't think of a nice way to say she gets on my nerves. :)
Anyways, I have a lot of reading to do.
I got to go, but I will leave you with this; my husband has agreed to come down and teach the girls a lesson on the market.
They'll be so excited. I love this school.
P.S. I made a new sewating chart for the 7th grade. My co has agreed to it and we hope it'll work out. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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