Monday, December 25, 2006

Back to School

I'm dead tired. Back to school for one afternoon and I need another vacation.
I worked all morning on this holocaust book that I'm putting together for the 8th grade, and I finally finished part one. My aim is to finish part two by the end of this week, and then I hope I'll get the rest done in time.
At school, I started the 8th grade on writing their summaries, and as it always happens during writing, they started talking a little amongst themselves and though they know I don't like it, they keep forgetting, and talk anyway.
I noticed that R.S. was very busy debating with her friends if she should ask me something. I laughed and said out loud that I doubt there was anything she could ask me that would offend me.
I was so wrong.
Not that I was offended, but it was kind of an inappropriate question. She wanted to know when I was due.
I laughed and told them that they would know when it happened and not a moment sooner. I had to stop them after a bit, but I told them that while it wasn't the most appropriate question, I understood them. I explained that I was also a student once who was dying for her teacher to just pop and have it already LOL.
After class R.S. wanted to know if I knew the baby's gender. I told her that even if I knew I wouldn't tell her.
I hope this conversation is finished in this class.
This sort of thing could only happen in this school...
7th grade wasted my entire day just getting started on their photo essays. They write captions and titles and began writing the "before" part of their pictures. Of course, F.E. and S.G. forgot to bring pictures today....Why am I not surprised....Same girls also forgot to sign their tests.
I planned on starting some history today, but they girls were getting dismissed early because they were all carpooling today. There was no bus because of Xmas, so the mothers were coming and that meant less class time for me.
Instead, I allowed them to pack up and as soon as they were done, I read them the read aloud.
C.S.S., C.K., and D.A. are all in one row and becoming way too chummy in my class. I used to like that row, but I think I have to do something about it now.
I can't believe it'll still be a month before mid winter vacation....I need it now!

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