Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Catching up on the Last Few Days

Again, long time no post.

Monday I come to school to find DA waiting for me.

She decided she wasn't going to take my history test that day because she didn't study. She wanted to take it Tuesday.

I asked her why she didn't study as I had told them about the test a week in advance and finished the material with enough days to study well for it. She told me she forgot there was a test.

I refuse to let a girl push off taking a test because she "forgot". There is no such thing in 7th grade. When I was that age I would never have the chutzpah to ask a teacher to excuse me for forgetting. I'd be cramming the material in hard and writing answers on my hand and hoping to scrape a pass....

Well she did pass. Barely. She got a 67.

15 minutes to the end of the day, the principals both came in to my class to make my girls redo their tzniyus fair project because the pictures they used were....not tzniyus.

I had to take 4 girls out to the staircase and had them finish their tests there.

CSS took her test home to finish and she gave it back to me the next day, but I have no heart to mark it now. HB and SS both got no mar because they scored so low and I had a few kids in the 60's and this was NOT a hard test.

Spring Fever.

Tuesday I could not teach. I was dead tired as Jellybean had been up the whole night alternating between giggling and crying for his dummy. I got through an aim in history (Korean war) and then had the girls daven mincha and then we discussed the Wave a little bit (we finished reading it the day before) and then I took the girls to the park with the 7th grade from 2-3.

My co is pregnant now and she is spring fevering too.

When we got back to teaching, within one hour I finished two aims in 7th grade. Felt good.

Today was cute.

In the 8th grade I explained to them why the Vietnam war was so hard psychologically- because Americans could not tell the difference between the Vietcong and the civilians and they had no idea if they were killing innocent people.

I explained it to them with the example that to an outsider; chassidim and litvaks may look the same.. (okay, we know that's not true, but whatever)

The girls started fighting with me and saying that chassididm looked weird and had curly peyos and were very obviously different.

So RS piped up and said "Nuh uh! Mrs. (ME) is chassidish and she's so normal! She doesn't look weird! I would never know she's not normal like us if she didn't tell us!"

Gee thanks RS.

TG decided she was sick today and put down her head in my class. She glared at me when I made her daven mincha and right after mincha she took out a Hershey bar and started munching. I need to have a talk with her.

Seventh grade today finished half a chapter in history again. DA was behaving a bit better- but that's because she has no idea what she scored on that test...

DA was being "big sistered" by Hebco. I have a feeling that's where some of her attitude is coming from... Hebco lets her get away with MURDER.

I marked the essays this morning and I didn't have the heart to take the mark off the girls who had not handed in their drafts. They had all done so well and I didn't want to do it before asking the principal again.

I got the yearbook proofs now and they need soooo much work! My sister is leaving to Israel Sunday and I have no idea how it will get done.

To make matters worse, this is an English Friday, so my week is dragging on forever.....

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