Monday, May 21, 2007

Seat Change

Hebco made a seat change without telling the other teachers. I hate her guts sometimes.

I came in to the 7th grade and the class was a mess because some of the girls wanted to sit in their old seats while some were sitting in the new ones.

I made every girl sit in her new seat.

SNK refused.

She sat in her old seat because her new one was right in front of my desk and she didn't want to be there. HB used to sit there and SNK used the excuse that HB had gone home sick that day and she didn't want to catch germs from her desk.

CSS was sitting in that desk instead.

I had CSS move her desk to touch the side of my desk (it worked out so well, it's a shame we didn't do it earlier on in the year). SNK still refused to come up.

I folded my hands and told her it was not up for discussion; I wanted her here N.O.W.

She stomped her foot. (!)

I told her that we were not going to start class until she got her books and got herself into that new seat of hers.

She stomped around, picked up her books and told EL that I was DISGUSTING. I don't know if I was meant to hear that but I did.

I was in no mood for power plays with little babies so I told her to just forget the seat change and ask the principal for a note to come back into class.

She refused to leave, claiming she didn't know what she did.

I told her that if I had to tell the principal what she had done, I would not be very lenient. Rather she should be the one to tell the principal the story in the way she wanted it told.

She went.

She came back 30 minutes later with a note saying that she would sit in her new seat.

That day I got into a long discussion with the girls about acknowledging their talents and then using them in the right way; not rubbing them in everyone else;s face.

I was hoping RA would get the hint about how crazy she drove us all. She didn't.

At the end of the day I gave out their history tests and RA fought with me over 2 points that I gave her off because her handwriting sucked.

She told me it was not possible to have gotten it wrong because her mother was a history major. I wanted to tell her to have her mother teach it all to her and for her to keep out of my life.

Friday, SNK was sitting in her old seat again with her head down on her desk. I walked in, told her she had ten seconds to get to her new seat or else she was out for good.

She came to her new seat, turned the desk around to face the back of the class, and put her head down.

If she were my kid, I would have smacked her.

I stopped talking until she looked up to see why and when she saw the look on my face, she turned the desk back around and put her head down for the rest of the class.

Shame, she missed a good lesson. I didn't teach. Instead, we continued the discussion from the day before.

RA still didn't get it.


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