Thursday, May 31, 2007

I so Cannot Wait For Summer Vacation

I had to be in school early on Tuesday because I had a meeting set up with Mr SNK about his daughter's retarded behavior.

Poor guy. He looked so lost and confused about what to do with her. I think we ended the meeting with the agreement of sending her to a psychologist.

The kids were nuts and I had no patience teaching, so my co and I decided to take them to the park. I asked RS to bring a note to my co asking her, and the notes went back and forth between us and we fought over whose turn it was to ask the principal for permission.

I won.

RS was being a cute brat, refusing to let me read the notes, making me chase her around the classroom to get at it.

I had to tape it ans taple it shut so that she couldn't read it before it got to my co. Stinker. I have no idea how she was chosen for G.O.

Then the class became OBSESSED with asking me a zillion questions about my clothes, baby, deoderant I used. OMG, it was nuts. But I didn't care. There are less than 13 days left to school, then these kids graduate, and I move on. What the heck. I'm going to have fun.

The park was fun, but RA was a pest, acting like the boss of everyone, telling us teachers to get our butts off the benches and make the 8th grade play ball with the 7th grade.


7th grade is going to fail their final on the Civil War, because there is so much material on it and they are so stupid.

Yesterday CFC got on my nerves all day asking if she could put on the air conditioner. I happened to have been cold and I decided that because they had not taken care of putting it on recess time, I was not going to waste class time putting it on and off every 5 minutes.

Then she got all sticky about her hand hurting cause she was writing so much notes.

Finally, I exploded, and asked the class, "and what happens if I tell you that we have ten more pages to write?? What are you going to do then? You have to either learn to keep up and keep your mouth shut about it, or stop taking notes and photocopy someone elses!"

I sat them down for a long talk about high school, where going out to the bathroom ten times during a class was not going to be accepted and where they would be writing notes all day long without a break.

I told them that they had to grow up, this was what life was all about from now on.

CFC then raised her hand to ask me what would happen when she got her period during class, would a teacher allow her to leave.

I cracked up.

I explained to them that high school gave them enough breaks to take care of teir needs, but that they had to utilize the breaks, and not wait until class started to remember they had needs.

During recess I sat with the principals on the yearbook (which, by the way, had been UPSd to my sister who is now in Israel, so no one was home to take it, so it laid on the hallway floor for a week until I went there to look and see if it had come.)

There were mistakes, but nothing for my sister to do, it was all the yearbook company's mistakes. Yay.

Seventh grade was okay. I had a long discussion with the girls about first impressions and how they were going to be jusged going into high school by the averages on their report card, whether they thought it was fair or not.

CK was livid about it all. No wonder. The kid hasnt passed a test all term.

I warned them that I was going to quiz them today. Lets see how they do....

I got a note in school that they are looking for blood donors that are A+ for FE's sister, so I called this morning to offer my A+ blood. I still am waiting to hear from them if it's okay to give even though I had transfusions before. I'm not going to tell them that I don't match the weight requirement. I figure ten lbs up or down don't make that much of a difference.

We'll see soon.


tf- said...

we can hock u here too
no place is safe

J.A.P. said...

I love you too. Will you never get off my case? :(

Semgirl said...

Or you can tell these girls to go to Bais Sheindl lol.. Then they can cut classes whenever they want...