Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Catching Up!

The 8th grade began learning the Holocaust on Monday. They loved their books and kept flipping ahead as I was teaching. I'm so happy it worked out well even though I wished I had more time to spend on it. Right now I'm pretty much flying through, hoping to get it all done before the end of the week.

The 8th grade and 7th grade are having a joint party on Friday where the 7th grade will say goodbye to the 8th, and the 8th will "hand over" the seniority.

The class had to come up with something cute to give out to the 7th grade so of course, it fell on my shoulders.

I walked across Boro Park in the rain last night to put together an adorable mug filled with little prizes that all had something to do with the 7th graders taking the 8th grader's places.

The 8th graders were thrilled with it, especially because it only cost about a dollar apiece LOL.

I worked like mad the last few days trying to cram everything in before school ends. Report cards, rating sheets, comments, progress reports, last minute marks, finishing the curriculum, and 1000 other things that came up.

I think I'm finally getting somewhere although my blogs are definitely falling behind.

The 7th grade got on my nerves last Wednesday when I walked into class and no one had done the sheet I had given them on Tuck Everlasting right. I was so upset about it. They had all day to do it, and they didn't.

Not only that, but some girls claimed they didn't understand the book- ITS ON A 4TH GRADE LEVEL!!!

Love the kids.

I was angry with NN and DA and SE and CSS for not even bothering to have handed in the sheets they were supposed to have given in to the sub, and then RA piped up and said that I wasn't to blame NN for anything because she finished first in the class.

If looks could kill.... I glared at RA and almost shouted, "Did I ASK you??" She kept quiet for the next 15 minutes. 15 minutes of pure bliss.

Today the 7th grade was hilarious. They were begging me to stay for the next year. They claimed that I knew them well and that I would be the best to work with them than another stuffy teacher who didn't know them. And besides, I was interesting.

They asked me why I was leaving, and I told them that not everything I decided was for them to know. RB then wrote me a persuasive essay so that I should stay in school for 8th grade.

DA and CK were going to the principal to beg her to do something to make me stay. I love them too LOL.

I finally finished the 7th grade curriculum in history and now all I have to do is finish Tuck Everlasting, and then I can feel accomplished.

Now DH is asking me if I really want to stay in school for next year. Oh boy.

MB was at my friends house for Shabbos two weeks ago and saw my little JB there when I popped by for a visit. I had hinted to her that on Friday there would be a surprise, and she told the class about it.

Today she wanted to know what the surprise was, and I told her it was the party that they were doing for the 8th grade. I think she was a little disappointed; as if she was expecting more.

I am going to call her Thursday night and tell her to wait outside school for me Friday morning for another surprise- I plan on bringing JB into school (already got permission) and I'll ask her to help me get his carriage up the stairs. She'll be thrilled.

I thought I had so much more to write, but I cant remember what. That's what happens when I let my blog slip for a week. :(

Oh well.

6 more days to school!

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