Thursday, June 21, 2007

School's out!

Okay, I know ive been terrible about posting, but I gotta get at least this one in for those of you still keeping up.

Graduation was so moving and after that the principal told me she had no one to take me over for next year.

The next day, she called me in to her office and offered me 2,000 more to come back.

Today I called her to tell her that I'd love to be a teacher in her school next year. She shrieked with happiness.

She offered me $500 to do a full friday like ive been doing till now but instead of doing half 8th half seventh, id do 7th a full day cos my co is not coming in fridays anymore.

So I'm getting $2500 more to do exactly what I did this year.

I'm also planning to start college at night so I 'know I'm going to be very stressed next year. The principal also offered to give me free subbing days where another teacher would take over my class so that I could do my marking in school without wasting time at home.

I think I have it good.

I cried when I walked into my classrooms today to pick up my books. I guess I didn't realize how much I loved teaching.

I realized today that teaching is not about making a difference in others lives as much as its about making a difference in your own life.

It definitley has changed my life. And though I know I have my down days and that next year is going to be very hard, teaching is what I love to do. I'm adjusting to mommyhood and I think that as JB grows I can learn to be there for him and for myself.

Next year will tell me more.

I know I didn't make a mistake, and I hope I don't regret this.

If I have the time I'll go back and post what stuff is missing. Right now I'm enjoying summer.

I'm not going to blog next year- I'll be too busy with a million other things, but up till here, it was great- thanks for coming along for the ride!


Bas~Melech said...

Glad to hear you haven't left teaching. I hope it doesn't take too much out of you, though... sounds like you're piling it on for next year! Good luck.

gloria said...

wow what a turnaround! I'm sorry you won't continue the blog but you have to do whats best for you.

p said...

so the world will be a bit better equipped through one more good teacher doing what needs to be done;
and THEY will finally learn that the salary of the most important and hardest job existing MUST be raised for good.
Goodluck and thanks for sharing your past experiences...

itsagift said...

How am I gonna get to know what's going on in your life next year?! This blog was the way I was kept posted on all the happenings all along...U r gonna be too bz for phone calls and w/o this blog...omg! help! Wishing u loads of hatzlacha and siyata dishmaya next yr!!

Me said...

You made the only decision a true great teacher could have made. Your students need you and you need them just as much. A true teacher gives over a large part of themselves to their students and gets much from them in return, that is very hard to walk away from no matter what else you might think is out there.

Never doubt that you made the right decision!