Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Day!

I had to be in school early today to ship the girls off to the Yom Tefila.
It was starting to get really chilly outside, but I was running late, and in such a rush, that I ran the block to school without my jacket.
I walked through the doors to find my class already waiting for me to take them to the place, but guess what, no buses.
I had to WALK about 25 minutes to get to where we were supposed to be. And of course I had no time to go back and get my jacket, and then of course it started raining.
My students had a field day with me on the walk to the Yom Tefila. They were asking me all sorts of questions, and trying to get me to tell them what questions were on my history test. I was a little surprised. I don't remember ever being so comfortable around my teachers when I was that age. I guess things are changing.
Around halfway there, about 7 of my students who were walking right behind me began laughing hysterically. Every time I looked at them, they laughed even more, and I started feeling self conscious. You know how it is, I kept thinking there was something wrong with me to be making them laugh.
I kept checking my skirt, my tights, to see if they had a run, my wig, I was really starting to feel dumb. I think it's funny now, but I seriously could've cried at that point. My seventh graders aren't mature enough to come over and tell me what's wrong or funny, they'd rather point and laugh.
So I went over to them and I asked, "Girls, is there something I should know?" and the funniest thing happened. One girl mustered up all her courage to ask me if I had a sister named B.L.
I was so relieved! That was all they were laughing about! They were shy to ask me if that girl was my sister! (She is my sister, and they knew that because there's a children's book dedicated to my family, and it says both of our names there, so I guess my students put two and two together. I'm just glad they didn't see the later printing of that book that has about 6 of my siblings mentioned. LOL)
Anyway, the Yom Tefila was beautiful, and we had an uneventful walk back to school.
Except for a student who thought it would be funny if she rang my doorbell as we passed my apartment building.
I pretended not to notice, but I couldn't decide if I was flattered or not. On the one hand, it was pretty cool that my students liked me so much that they found out where I lived and kept track of my family members and everything. But on the other hand, it takes guts to go over and ring your teacher's doorbell the third week of school. Then again, it was G.S. who did it and that's not surprising, and like I said, the kids today are not what they used to be.
We got back to school where I just proctored the science teacher's test in one class, and I answered the girls' index cards.
B.E.D. wrote on her index card that she likes to read, and I had come prepared for that. I told her on her card to come over to me after class because I had something for her. She didn't come over, but I went to her and gave her a mystery book similar to the Nancy Drews she liked to read. She was in heaven.
I'm so happy.

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