Sunday, December 25, 2005

I Can't Believe Her 2!!

O.K. so today it's the principal.
Report cards were pushed off because of the principal's having been out for a couple of days, and because the printer had been slow in delivering the cards.
Today, we finally got our rating sheets back. The school would like to give the report cards out before Chanukah vacation (starting Wednesday.) This is a great idea, but I have a slight problem. Wednesday means Tuesday for me, because I'll be leaving to Israel a day earlier, on Tuesday.
I arranged for my co to take both classes together instead of a substitute, and I thought I had it all worked out. This would just be a slight problem. It meant I would be a bit rushed to finish grading everyone.
The truth is, I had already done all my grading, and now it was just a matter of tranferring the marks over to the cards.
But then again, I have found in my experience, ""Why should we give you something only moderately hard when we can torture you?"
The principal seems to be very involved in making my life experiences prove themselves over and over again, and she stopped me to tell me that I had done all my grading wrong.
I had used A's and B's instead of numeric grades. Usually it would be only a simple matter of unconverting the Alpha's to numerics.
Problem with me is that I had done my averages and then used to the Alpha rubric to write down the grade. I hadn't bothered to write down the numeric averages.
Mega problem.
I had a full afternoon scheduled and I didn't have time to do all that work.
I needed to mark some spelling tests, spend at least an hour and a half on a certain program I had began studying, set up the Menorah at home, finish polishing the silver I had left on my kitchen counter that morning, listen to my relaxation tape, and then, when I was all done with all that, I had scheduled myself to have a nervous breakdown.
Between polishing silver and having a nervous breakdown, I didn't have time for this.
I just can't believe no one bothered to tell me that they use numeric grades in this school.
Back to my other "I can't believe her" person, S.G.L. was at it again today.
Same story, took the gum out of her locker when I walked in, and began chewing. I stopped the class for her and made her spit it out, TWICE!!
I think I'll be calling her mother tonight.
I deserve that nervous breakdown!!