Monday, December 26, 2005

The Zoo

Today the girls finally had their long awaited trip to the zoo.
It meant I had to wake up early, after having a long night, and coming to school at 10:30.
I was pretty excited for the trip as well, so I didn't mind.
I packed a bunch of food, and rushed to school to get the kids on the buses.
The buses were pulling up to the school when we found out that 3 girls had brought cell phones along to the trip. This was sooo strange!!! Our teachers didn't even have cellphones when we were in seventh grade! ...Much less the students!
My co was pretty upset and we had to deal with the three cellphones. M.L.'s father picked hers up, G.S. left hers in the office, and C.C.K. gave hers to me to hold.
I was so surprised that parents who felt their daughters needed to take along cellphones!!
After that was taken care of we got onto the bus, began driving, got lost, got found, got lost again, and after an hour, made it tot he zoo.
Needless to say, it gets quite cold in December, and although today was a nice day in December, it was still a cold day in December. My fingers and nose were icicles. (Nah, I had a great time, it was about 45 degrees outside.)
The trip was very nice, I mean, how much can you write about a zoo? The zoo was full of animals and many more smells. We tried to be mature about the smells, but we weren't always successful.
The real action at the zoo was between the students. It's amazing how much better you get to see you students when they're outside of a classroom.
Take for example, G.S. and C.O. Lately, they've become good friends, and not a single person in authority likes the friendship. Both are smart, yet fresh girls, put them together, you have an uncontrollable pair.
These kids really gave me a run for my money.
The entire class was following my co, while these two girls were lagging behind the entire time.
The secretary and I were left at the back of the group just to watch out fot the two of them.
It really wasn't fair, because my co was left with all the other girls while the two of us were struggling with C.O. and G.S.
They got themselves lost a couple of times, and they were fresh in a way that would make any teacher faint.
There was one incident that really got to me.
I had just nudged the pair to catch up to the rest of the class, and G.S. just kept walking, ignoring me. I repeated myself, and as I did, she turned around with a camera and snapped a picture of the secretary and myself.
I was fuming. I stopped just short of killing her. I really gave her a piece of my mind then.
I told her that it was a real breach of Derech Eretz to take a picture of a teacher without permission.
She answered back, "I didn't take it of you, I took the picture of the secretary."
I looked at her sharply and told her, "It's irrelevant, taking a picture of someone without permission is wrong."
She made a face and asked me why.
This kid is like a child, she just keeps asking. She demands an answer for everything. G.S. has no idea what it means to accept something an adult tells her. She needs to know the exact reason for everything that she does.
I for one, don't feel like she deserves to know everything.
The way home was nice, we played a game with the students, and had a great time.
We got back to school around 4:30 and the first thing my co and I did was to talk to the principal about G.S. and C.O.
We didn't like the girls individually, but the friendship was worse. The principal agreed and she asked if we were ready to speak to the mothers of these girls.
We both were ok with that idea, and the principal said that she'd arrange for the mothers of both girls to come down tomorrow.

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