Sunday, February 26, 2006

P.T.A. Rescheduled

P.T.A. was rescheduled to tonight, but we teachers weren't asked about it, and we made a huge fuss when we found out. So it was pushed back to this morning.
I went early to set up the biography projects on a table for the mothers to look at, and the principal came in in the middle.
She went through their books and took credit for all the nice work they did. I wanted to kill her.
Not very many mothers came, but I was glad to see the ones who did.
C.S.A's mother came of course, she was in school anyway because she's high school principal, and had her own P.T.A. We spoke a long time about C.S.A. being very pressured. I told her to look into some methods for anxiety for her to start using. The way she's going is not healthy. The mother agreed with me 100%.
L.K.'s mother was very nice, she just discussed how hard the workload was on her daughter.
H.W.'s mother was upset that her child didn't seem to care less about anything, and we tired to figure out a way to get her more motivated.
C.S.'s mother was as adorable as ever. She kept praising the teachers and telling us what a great job we were doing. Tell it to the principal.
T.K. has an attitude problem. She dropped out of her part in the performance last night, and both I and her mother were upset about that. We spoke about her attitude for a while, but she is doing better. We also brushed over her on and off friendship with R.H. We both decided it's not a good friendship, but it has to play out on its own.
M.L.'s (7b) mother came just to hear good things. That's all I had to say about her daughter. She's the type of girl who'll try hard no matter how many obstacles in her way. I can't get over the child, Her mother was so happy.
R.S.'s mother is the class mother of the class. She's very nice and easy to talk to. We spoke about how well she was doing, and then a little bit about her being so absent minded. I promised I would speak to her about her biography project because she had been absent that week, and I had no idea what she had done for the group.
I told F.G's mother how mature her daughter became, and how much she changed. Her mother was so glad to hear that.
The twin's mother came, and she's always tricky. I have to make sure to separate the girls because they're not the same person at all. They happen to be the perfect average students that every teacher needs to keep her class stable, and I told the mother that. She laughed. I asked her to tell Y.T. to speak up more in class, and to tell E.T. to stop talking to A.L. all the time during class.
G.S.'s mother is the cutest. G.S. happens to be doing very well in the new class. She calmed down a bit, but we think she's lost. She doesn't have a good friend in this class. We spoke about trying to put her together with either C.C.K or L.O. to encourage a friendship. I don't know how that's going to happen, but we'll see. I was also surprised to hear from her mother that G.S. has a soft side toward girls like M.L. and B.E.D. I was so pleasantly surprised.
M.P.'s mother is just as cute as she is. We spoke a lot about how pressured M.P. is and I said that I would speak to her about it. The mother also said that she called the principal to yell at her about all these projects. In fact, the mothers made a chain call to get as many mothers as possible to call up. They all told the principal that the teachers were wonderful, but the principal had to stop giving al the projects. I told M.P.'s mother that I appreciated her calling because the principal needed to hear it, but I didn't think it worked. I told her that I got all the blame for everything. She was shocked because she had specifically told the principal that it had nothing to do with me. She went outside to tell all the mothers what happened. (YES!!!)
A.L.'s mother still wanted her to switch classes because of her selective friendship with R.R. I told her to speak to the principal, and if she would then I would press it as well.
S.J.'s mother got to hear all about how cute and smiling her daughter is. I didn't have one bad thing to say about her.
M.R.'s mother is adorable! She is really not you typical mother. She looks so young and she's really spunky. I basically told her how great M.R. was doing, and then I asked her about her daughter's friendship with S.G.L. I wanted to make sure that she was on top of it, and that M.R. shouldn't be learning from her or whatever. We understood each other on that.
D.T.'s mother was all into praising me. She didn't even want to hear about her daughter. All she kept saying was how crazy D.T. was over me. ...Always good to hear.
T.J.'s mother was so funny. She meant everything seriously, but she made me laugh. She was worried that her daughter was so short and she hoped she would still grow. She wanted to make sure that T.J. was mature, and becoming less shy, and I assured her on both counts. About the growing though, I told her that I didn't think she'd stopped growing yet. She was relieved.
T.K.'s (7a) mother was very upset about C.O. being put together with her daughter in projects. The truth is, I was upset too, they never worked out well together. C.O. was hard to deal with, but T.K. is very bossy. I brushed over the group incident and gently told the mother to explain to T.K. that she didn't have to control everything.
M.L.'s mother wanted to know if she had matured, and of course, she had. We had a pretty nice conversation.
E.S. mother only wanted to vent about the principal. I happily joined her.
The funny thing is, at least 10 mothers had told me that they had called the principal. I told them that it backfired because the principal yelled at me.
They were all shocked. All of them said that was not what was supposed to happen. They had specifically told the principal that it had nothing to do with me or any of the other teachers.
On a brighter note, I got my rating sheets in. Report cards almost due. I'm so thrilled.

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