Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Break

It is so nice to have a co you can rely on. I called her emergency this morning to take over for me today. She had no problem.
I had a dentist appointment this morning, and instead of the cavity they were supposed to fill, they discovered that I had 4 more. 4 cavities, and one possible root canal. I flipped. I wanted them to fill them all and get it over with so that the numbness would go away in time for school, but there was a problem.
I had chemotherapy a few years ago, and it left a minor amount of scarring on my heart. It doesn't affect me at all, except for when I go to the dentist. Supposedly, I have to warn them that I have something with my heart.
Today I found out why. If it comes a time when they have to expose me to chemicals or touch a nerve, I need to take meds an hour before. This would only be a problem if I were to go have a cleaning/bleaching or a root canal.
I wanted to take care of it, and right away, so I got the prescription and ran to the pharmacy. I knew though, that if I had to wait an hour after taking meds to do the procedure, and I still had to have a root canal done, I would never make it in time for school.
I called my co frantically, and she was a doll. She agreed to take over for me no problem.
I ran around trying to get food to take my 4 pills of amoxycilin with. That was a long story. I took the pills at 11, and I had to wait until 12 to have anything done. Turns out that my co lives across the street from the dentist, and I spent the hour at her house going over some papers I had typed up for a friend in seminary. She had given me questions that she needed two teachers to answer. Her 8 questions took 4 pages for me to answer. I know, I know, I talk too much. LOL
I finally went back to dentist and guess what? I didn't even need a root canal in the end. I spent my month's paycheck paying for the cavities they filled, and I was out of there by 12:30. The truth is, I could've gone to school, but I was terribly numb.
I decided to enjoy my day off.
2:30 I was speaking fine again, and I debated going to school and taking over for the hour and half after recess, but my husband convinced me otherwise.
It was a good thing, because then the pain hit. Advil didn't kick in until about 4:30.
During the time I was in agony, L.K. called me on my cellphone to ask what to do about her cover for the ET newspaper. I decided to go over to school and help out.
I ran over after school was over, and got the papers. I guess I'll take care of it, and then fax it to L.K. to give in to print tomorrow.
While I was in school, I spent time talking to my co. She was supposed to go tutor C.O. right after school, but when she told the principal about it, the principal insisted that she back out of it until after Pesach. She wanted time to asses the S.G.L. and C.O. situation. She feared that the tutoring business was becoming a "shtick" between the girls. She also didn't want my co to be put in between the triangle of S.G.L, C.O., and M.R. My co and I had to agree with her. For once LOL!
I'll be subbing in another school tomorrow. I'm taking over my niece's class. I really don't want to waste my Friday, but I do want to get a job in that school, so it's worth a try.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

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