Thursday, May 18, 2006

Teaching Again, and a Hard Day for My Co

The kids were given time to finish watching the film they had started Tuesday. I was flipping about not having the time to teach again.
Just as I was thinking I was doomed to another day of doodling cartoons the CD broke. The girls were all upset as they went up to their classrooms. My co looked miserable, and I tried talking to her, but she claimed she couldn't talk.
I walked into class then, and taught history. I'm proud that I managed to finish the entire chapter 14 in just two lessons. If I could do that with chapter 15 too, I'll be more than right on schedule for my final. I'll even have a couple of extra days.
We did editorials too. Didn't get very far, but I got the girls writing something. My students think I have the most interesting life. R.H. and L.K. make sure to tell me that at least once a day. I don't know what I said today to make them say that, but they did.
I wasn't feeling all that great, and I was looking forward to recess to get to the teacher's room to sit down.
I had just poured some cereal and milk into a cup when I got a message that my co needed me to proctor her test.
I went up to proctor the 7a class. I sat in my chair and munched in cereal. C.O. had a good laugh but I was feeling sick and I didn't care. I had put four spoons of sugar in the cup hoping to boost my natural ADHD energy. Didn't work.
I left my cellphone in the teacher's room so that my co could use it to call my new school. They hadn't called her back yet. I was dying to know what happened, but she was busy answering questions in the other class.
Finally, 7a gave their tests in and I taught. After history I was feeling faint again, so I gave the girls mincha time and then a ten minute recess in the class.
I dragged myself up to do editorials with them, and then at the end of the day I ran to my co to hear what had happened when she called the new school.
My co said that my principal had called the new school today. She told them that it seemed likely that my co would stay here, but they should definitely offer her the job.
I think my principal just ruined whatever chances my co had.
I promised my co I'd talk to her later and I went down to twelfth. I have them one more time after today, and I was going to play a game with them, but I was feeling so bad, I just let them listen to a speech.
After class one girl came over to me and asked me if I would give a workshop to the 12th grade on Tuesday. I told her I'd ask my principal for time off during computers. I doubt she'll let, but anyway.
The girls told me that they were waiting for me to come up to the overnight. I was so disappointed. I had really wanted to go. Oh well.
I spoke to my co before about S.G.L. She had been absent for the past two days. Turns out she was suspended. This kid needs to get out of her home. It's not that she is the problem, she has a problem. We need to get her into a camp for the summer, but it doesn't look like it's happening. We're thinking of all the connections we have, but we didn't come up with anything yet.
And as far as a job for next year. My co is confused, but today's decision is that she isn't going to take the job in the new school even if it's offered. She wants it to be offered, just so that she has some options, but she doesn't think she'll end up there.
I know it's not my decision, and I'm leaving it all up to her. I'm not going to be selfish, and she'll have to do what's right for her. I hope she figures something out soon.
Also, the 7b class told my co a funny thing. They said I was strict. R.H. said that were I head O.D. in camp, she'd be terrified of me. I thought the girls viewed me as a pushover. It's nice to know they're a little bit afraid of me. I think that made my day.

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