Monday, June 05, 2006


We didn't have school yesterday because it was isru chag to Shavuos. And today was a big day.
I finally managed to have a normal conversation with my co last night, but it was interrupted by another teacher calling to plan a party.
I hung up with my co so that I could plan her party. The other teacher and I agreed that we both didn't want to lay out money, because we never seemed to get any of it back.
We arranged that each teacher would bring in one or two foods, and that would probaly work out better.
I was up early this morning to go and buy fruits for the party. It turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought. By the time I finished cutting it all up, my kitchen was a mess, and I had quite a number of cuts. Did I ever mention I have no idea how to use a knife?
My students had gotten the message to me yesterday that they wanted to prepare a party for my co, and I had gotten the message back to them that it was ok.
Don't ask about the messages thing. It's complicated.
Once in school, I drew my co a big sign, and waited for the other teachers to show up so that we could set up the party.
My co came before the other teachers did. LOL. So like her.
It turned out very nice anyway.
The girls also outdid themselves on their party. They all got together in the 7a class, brought up the long tables from the lunchroom, ordered pizza, and organized it all very well.
T.K. and S.J. prepared two games. We only had time for the first one; mad libs. In this episode of mad libs I seem to have gained 48 pounds. The girls were embarrassed to read it to me, but I just laughed along. 48 pounds would be a nice thing.
We all had freeze pops, and the girls took pictures of me eating some. I think it became a class joke.
The principal is such a wet blanket. She came in to yell at the girls in the middle of the party for cutting up expensive paper to make confetti. I can't stand the lady. She spends so much money on stupidities and now she has a problem with a few sheets of paper.
After an hour of partying, the scrapbooking teacher came in for their last lesson of scrapbooking for the year. It was nice that they were combined, they worked together just fine.
Recess was spent cleaning up, and my co and I split the time after recess. I did the big class first. They were a pleasure. I got an entire aim done.
I got a little annoyed at A.L. for not handing in her editorial on time. This is not the first time she's done this. She does this with every assignment. I need to call her mother.
C.O. and S.G.L. were acting like huge babies today. They kept talking ot each other during class, and C.O. made a big show of chewing gum during the party. They both also refused to come over to me to get supplies for scrapbooking. My co and I laughed about it, but they are so dumb.
7b was not as good. They were hyper and wild. R.H. was a royal pest. She got annoyed at me right away when I told her off for not raising her hand. She ended up going out to the halls to fool around with some eighth graders. Then she put up a fuss when I gave her a 3.5 on her editorial. She claimed that I didn't give her a fair chance. I couldn't sit with her and fight over it, so I left her fuming.
C.S. in 7b also needs to be taken care of. Her attitude lately has been really horrible. It's a shame though, because we were planning to choose her to be G.O. next year. I hope she doesn't ruin it for herself.
I think that was all that happened today. What a long day for the first day back.

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