Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poems, Mothers, and My Co

I packed up a bag of books and took them back to school today. My year is ending. I want to return everything to school now. When I came into the office, I spoke to the secretary who asked me where all the sheets my principal had given me were.
I asked her what she meant, and she said that every single paper the principal had given me had to be returned. She didn't want me to pass her hard work to anyone else. As if. As if I would ever consider doing her projects in my new school.
I promised I would look for the sheets and bring back whatever I found. Blah.
My co came late today, so I was alone with the class at lunch. They were so mean to the lunch teacher, the teacher came up crying later. I was so upset.
In the teacher's room, the guidance counselor and some teachers were talking about how these kids thought they deserved everything. It was nice hearing that other teachers agreed with me.
I started the 7b class with mincha until my co showed up, and I really gave it to them. I saw some girls make faces. I ought to come in the last day of school and slap a few of them. It would be a good way to let my frustrations with this school out of my system.
Everything went smoothly today in the 7a class. We had a good time, got a lot done, and even had time for a 20 minute discussion.
During history in 7b all went fine. Towards the end it got a little out of hand, but not terribly. I told off H.W. for not handing in her editorial, and I told her I couldn't accept it anymore. She got very upset and began acting out.
She passed a note to L.K. who read it and passed it to T.K. who I took it from and put it into my binder. H.W., L.K., and T.K. went red as I put it away without saying a word.
We did some literature, read a play out loud together, and the girls were participating nicely. When the bell finally rang, H.W. came over to me to ask for the paper. I refused to give it back.
I took it out in the teacher's room and then I understood why she had wanted it back so badly.
Yesterday I had yelled at the girls and one of the words I had used was "chill out." H.W. had taken the words chill out and written a poem with them.
Chap, I'm better don't you see?
Help, you're not as good, go away from me.
I am better than all of you
Line up, I'm here
Look, me and you cannot compare
Out of here 'cuz I'm the best
Under over, you're a pest
Though I am Mrs. (my name) you see,
Chill out!
You don't want to be near me!
While I was quite flattered that H.W. had taken the time to write a poem about me, I was a little unsure of what to do about it.
I called her mother tonight. I made no mention of the note, only of the editorial. The mother was very cooperative, and told me she was thankful that I had called even so late in the year.
I know that she can talk to H.W. like a brick wall, but H.W. doesn't even listen to her. I called to confuse her. She'll know that I called her mother, but her mother will be yelling at her for something other than her note. I want H.W. to come to school tomorrow off balance. I hope that will set her straight. I also need her to see that I don't need a note to call her mother. But just in case, I still have the note as collateral.
Next, I called C.S.'s mother. I really have other mothers that I should call first, but C.S. is the one I'm most concerned about. I already wrote in a previous post about how I hope she won't be forgotten for G.O. next year. I called her mother just to give her a head's up. Of course, C.S. picked up the phone, and she was horrified to hear that it was me. She was waiting near her mother anxiously during the conversation waiting to hear what it was about. Her mother is the nicest lady, and I told her that her daughter is a great girl, but she should just be careful. Her mother was very happy I called.
I tried calling A.L.'s mother, but there was no answer. I figure I'll just talk to A.L. in school tomorrow. She's not a bad kid, just forgetful and lazy. I had given her notes two days ago to give to R.R. R.R. still hadn't gotten them by today. A.L. needs to be prompted.
I just heard that my new school hasn't found a co for me yet. The job is still open. I wish my co could still take it. I know she'd never break the promise she gave to my current school, but now that she's engaged, it's a much better place for her. And besides, I would be there too!
I wish my co would reconsider. My school would feel hurt for a day and then get over it. My principal sees us as her professional robots, nothing more. In this new school you're a person. They appreciate what you do, and tell you too!
Please, co, come with me.

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