Thursday, October 26, 2006

Acting, Mining, Teaching...Etc.

There was a teacher’s meeting today, and of course that meant that I was running late on the way to school. We made it there in time, but it was a hectic morning.
I had been in Manhattan all morning, and of course M.S.’s mother decided to call when I was out. I can’t even call her back tonight because of sheva berachos, so it’ll have to wait till tomorrow.
R.S.’s mother asked me to call her too, but she has to wait as well.
The teacher’s meeting was a joke. In my old school, a teacher’s meeting meant a ton of extra work and a lot of criticism. This was more like a book club.
We are all getting books on classroom strategy that we’ll be reading together and discussing in the group. I think it’s so funny. We also discussed sending home more updates to the mothers and some other little things. I had a good laugh when it was over.
8th grade was fun today. History went by so fast. We learned about the silver and gold rushes in the west and we had good discussions on miners and money.
Later, we did literature, and again, the issue of if money makes a person happy came up. I didn’t mind spending the time discussing it because I got everything I wanted done anyway.
Recess time I had to keep sending the girls out, and they thought it was so funny that I kept running after them to stay up on the roof.
T.G. and R.S. presented their G.O. theme today; “G.O. metric.” I thought that was adorable.
Seventh grade had a great time during literature today. We were talking about playing hooky and how to act sick, so I did some of my acting for them. They were in stitches. I had the entire class trying to wipe their nose as realistically as I did. It was a sight!
Then I let them get into their history groups again.
I got very nervous from R.A. and N.N. who I put in the same group. They were of course, leading the entire thing, and making everyone else feel like babies.
C.S.S. and C.K. were also in the same group and were acting way immature. I don’t believe they actually did any work today.
F.E. and S.N.K. on the other hand, were really impressing me with how they were working so hard.
The third group I made is amazing. S.E., D.A., R.B., S.S., H.B. and E.M.B. were so great together. They shared the work and had cute plans for their 3d model of a colony.
I spoke to C.K. after school to ask her what happened to her test. She said she couldn’t study very well, and I think it’s just a problem with her notes. I told her I’d give her special notes, but I wanted her to take the regular test. She seemed fine with it, but I still want to call her mother.
Another thing for tomorrow.

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