Monday, November 27, 2006

Funny Day

Day was not bad; just long.
The 8th grade worked all day on their letters to self. They are taking forever to get done. I want them handed in by the end of the week.
C.F.C. and T.B.N. handed in their tests that I let them take at home. C.F.C. got a 50, which, added to her other test, gave her a score of 87. She was thrilled.
T.B.N.'s test scored a 35. Added to her other score, she got a 64 in total. Poor kid.
I announced seat changes in the 8th grade, and they pretty much seem to be happy.
Other than that, nothing really happened today, and I got to sit all day which made me happy.
During recess, the principal came over to me and began asking me what I decided about a sub. I told her that I really wasn't comfortable using Hebco.
She told me that I had nothing to fear because the 8th graders liked me so much that Hebco would not overshadow me at all.
I told her that really there were other issues there as well.
She looked interested and said. "Thats funny. I would love to hear your reservations as I have some reservations of my own."
I was so relieved and told her that my co had the same problems with Hebco too.
The principal said that she wanted to meet with me as soon as possible to discuss this.
I know that I have to be careful with what I say to her about Hebco, especially if she has her own concerns about her. I don't want to get her in trouble, I just want to keep her away from my students.
I have to think this through before talking to the principal.
The 7th grade loved watching Johnny Tremain, and it was very cool to see how history came alive to them.
I have a bad feeling that they're all going to fail their tests tomorrow because a lot of girls asked really stupid questions and had no idea who certain key people were.
C.S.S. even thought the test was Wednesday instead of tomorrow. I don't care what happens, she will take that test tomorrow.
B.B. was absent which means that I could not get a copy of the test home with her, so she has nothing to study from.
I'm in for such a day tomorrow!
S.G. wrote me a note that she felt that my tests were way harder than what she was used to from public school. I know that she hasn't been doing too well lately, and I arranged to give her an easy test tomorrow to see if it would help.
S.E. was so funny today. During the movie she noticed that I was standing. She bent over and whispered to me, "Mrs. ______, why are you standing? You really should be sitting..."
I love the kid!
R.A. got on everyone's nerves today by bragging about how she knew the story of Johnny Tremain because she had read the book in third grade. She also felt it was very important to give a running commentary of the video to the class.
I had to shut her up by telling her that I was the teacher here.
I got a call from E.L.'s mom about her sitting so close to R.A. during Hebrew. She was upset that R.A. kept pushing herself onto E.L.
Someone needs to teach the kid social skills, and I'm way too busy to be that somebody!

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