Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Decision

I did it.

I spoke to the principal and told her I'm not coming back next year.

She cried. I cried.

It's not an easy decision but it's what's right for me at this point in time.

I am always welcome to come back to teaching (the principal told me she'd always welcome me if I decided to come back), but I'm terrified of what's out there for me right now.

This is what I know; what I love; and what I feel for. But I think this era is at an end for me now.

The school year is another 24 days and I can't decide whether to count down or to grasp tight to every last day I remain a teacher.

I'll post more about my day when I wake up in a few hours. I just got in from a late night appointment and its almost 2 am.

Thankfully, JB just took his late night feeding as I walked through the door, so that means I get about 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep now.

The small pleasures in life.

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